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Fahid Ramlawi

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Google

Welcome to Google New Googleers!!
Frederick Arnold, Bashar Al-Tawil, Fahid
Ramlawi, Kyle Hegarty, Brad Morley

How well are employees payed?
According to Payscale.com Google has the highest average
salaries for field, typically they pay their employees 11%
above the market, compared to their competition at 8%.
Employee Motivation the Google Way
So how does Google keep its employees

Google truly lives by its company philosophy,
"To create the happiest, most productive workplace
in the world."
Make Employee Happiness a Priority
Here are some examples on how Google keeps employees

What is Motivation?
Motivation is a set of energetic forces that initiates work-related effort, and determines its direction, intensity, and persistence.

Motivation is what makes people work toward a goal.

Motivation in the workplace is very critical because Job Performance = Motivation x Ability

Having motivated employees is what makes Google one of the best places to work in the world!

What is Job Satisfaction?
Job satisfaction is a pleasurable emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experiences.

It represents how you feel about your job and what you think about your job.

These words are from the Vice President of Google," It’s less about the aspiration to be No. 1 in the world, and more that we want our employees and future employees to love it here, because that’s what’s going to make us successful."

Google Job Satisfaction
"New research confirms what Google already knows— greater employee happiness results in higher productivity without sacrificing quality."

Keeping employees satisfied within an organization depends on whether your job supplies things you value.

The main elements that make up job satisfaction include pay, promotions, work environment, coworkers, supervision, status, and the work itself. We will explain these elements the Google way!

Google prides itself in having the best work values to keep the company's employees satisfied.
Job Satisfaction & Motivation
Google Employee Promotions
Google encourages employee mobility and promotions throughout the company to allow employees to stay interested and invested in their work. If an employee feels they have more to offer in another department or position, Google allows easy movement throughout the company. Google invests in their employees needs to keep them satisfied in their work.
Google's Work Environment
Why is Google the #1 Place to Work For
In 2014 Google has been rated by Fortune Magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute as the “Best Company to Work For.” This marks Google's fifth time at the top of the list.

Our group believes this great accomplishment is due to Google's dedication to provide high job satisfaction and encourage high employee motivation.
What type of people work at Google?
Google hires employees who are "extremely bright extroverts."

Google looks for ability over experience.

The employees at Google come from all walks of life and speak dozens of languages.

Diversity is key.

So having such a young, bright and diverse workforce Google employees can enjoy working with each other.

"Google’s various offices and campuses around the globe reflect the company’s overarching philosophy, which is nothing less than “to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world."

"Google lets many of its hundreds of software engineers, the core of its intellectual capital, design their own desks or work stations out of what resemble oversize Tinker Toys."

Google also offers five star culinary cafeterias, massage rooms, yoga classes, and even stress management courses for there employees. All offered within the company.

Management and Supervision
What does Google identify as being a good manager?


They want their leaders to understand how important consistency and fairness is in making decisions. They believe a leader who is consistent will be able to give their teams freedom to do what they want to a certain level. When a manager is inconsistent it gives the employees the feeling of uncertainty and they will feel restricted.
Google's Work Environment
Workplace environments greatly influence employee satisfaction, having an exciting and employee friendly work environment decreases turnover and increases employee dedication to the company. Knowing how to use a positive work environment to increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover is a key to developing a high-performance workforce. This is one of the main reasons Google gets and maintains a world class workforce.

Google has a team of people whose job is primarily to monitor and execute employee perks benefits.

Life at Google is not all work. There are plenty of opportunities for fun which help Googlers get out of their office and even interact more with each other. The opportunities include frequent breaks, facilities for wall climbing, beach volleyball or bowling, costume parties and much more!

Expectancy Theory at Google
Google’s CEO Larry Page states:

This is the use of the expectancy theory to show how the employees are treated and engaged. Which in turn motivates them and increases their productivity.
“It’s important that the company be a family, that people feel that they're part of the company, and that the company is like a family to them. When you treat people that way, you get better productivity. Rather than really caring what hours you worked, you care about output. We should continue to innovate in our relationship with our employees and figure out the best things we can do for them”.
Amazing Perks and Benefits
Google is better known for some really distinctive and “more than just attractive” perks and benefits. For example:

Reimbursement of up to $5000 to employees for legal expenses.
Maternity benefits of a maximum of 18 weeks off at about 100 percent pay.
Financial support for adopting a child (Google’s Adoption Assistance).
At the Googleplex, there’s an on site doctor and free fitness center and trainer and facility to wash clothes among other benefits.

These perks and benefits of working at Google would motivate just about anyone to continue to work hard and continue to work for Google. Also, these benefits relieve employee stress because employees don't have to worry about these things. Which increases motivation.
If our presentation sparked your interest or inspired you to work at Google here is the link to apply!
Voice and Value
At Google, democracy prevails with employees given a considerable voice. Here are some ways how:

Googlegeist, the company’s biggest survey seeks feedback on hundreds of issues and then employs volunteer employee teams all over the company to resolve the major problems.
Employees are regularly surveyed about their managers. The results of the survey are used to publicly acknowledge the best managers and make them role models or teachers for the next year. The worst managers are provided with vigorous support and coaching, with the help of which 75 percent improve within a quarter.
The company hosts employee forums on all Fridays where there is an examination of the 20 most asked questions.

Every employee has a voice to make a change within the company which is a extremely powerful tool to motivate employees.

Most Importantly The Work Itself
Everyone uses Google. Imagine working for a company that implores its employees to change the world through technology and innovation. The work at Google is very rewarding and challenging for its employees.

At Google, things are different with the organization putting in effort to make sure its employees have inspiring work. The 20 percent allowance for projects of their own interest is one step in this direction.

For example: One Google engineer by the name of Chade Tan appears to have really benefited from this 80-20 rule. He had a desire to make world peace a reality in his lifetime. Google did not discourage him. Eventually Tan designed a very successful course on mindfulness. Tan’s course is a great hit in his company. Tan is additionally credited with authorship of the New York Times best seller entitled “Inside Yourself.”
Flexibility and Freedom
At Google, flexibility is key in providing motivation for employees.
Google encourages its staff to pursue company-associated interests. In addition, instead of being trained by top management on the protocol for tasks, employees can approach tasks in their own unique ways.

For example, employees are allowed to express themselves by drawing on the walls.

Google believes they can get amazing output from people by giving them freedom. Google employees are given flexibility on hours of work and are allowed to take breaks throughout the day to utilize some of the many resources at work(massage, spa, cafe, etc..)
So How Does All of This Relate to OB ?
Job Satisfaction is one of the several individual mechanisms that directly affects motivation and organizational commitment. Our presentation will show the reasons why Google's employees are very satisfied with their jobs and give insight into why employees at Google choose to remain with the company for long periods and stay motivated throughout their employment.
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