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Critically anaylse the social and political context leading

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Olivia Jasmin

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Critically anaylse the social and political context leading

Critically analyse the social and political context leading up to 1982 Criminal Justice Act, paying attention to its key features relating to the regulation of young people and inherent tensions within youth justice during this time...
Social impacts leading to the 1982 CJA
Political impacts leading to the 1982 CJA
1982 Criminal Justice Act
1982 Criminal Justice Act
By Olivia Storey, Chelsea Brown, Sabrina Bradley & Nicola Makepeace.
Thank you for listening

-Changes that impacted socially
-Changes that impacted policitically
Sentencing under 21s
Social Enquiry Reports
Regulating Young People
Crime Prevention: 1980s-90s
History of Youth Regulations
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Age of Criminal Responsibility
1982 Criminal Justice Act
1982 Criminal Justice Act
Seen as a threat to social stability

Negative media attention

Government progressive policies
Physical Preventions

Social Preventions

Labeling Theory

Moral Panics

Relative Deprivation

The Typology of Youth Justice
Welfare Model

Justice Model

Minimum Intervention Model

Restorative Justice Model

Neo-Correctional Model
Crime Control
Law and Order (Gelsthorpe & Morris ...)

Policing rising crime
Factory Act 1819 & 1833

No separate provisions for youth offenders
1838 Juvienille Penal Institution

1854 Youthful Offenders Act

1908 Children Act

1948 Children's Act

1960 Ingleby Committee

1963 Children & Young Person Act
Crackdown on Youth Crime

Conservative Government Elected
The Brixton Riots 1981
Social Impact

Public Opinion

Political Impact

1983: 'Intermediate Treatment Initiative'
Young offenders entering criminal justice institutions at a record low despite a rise in criminal levels

Liverpool & Brixton riots escalated from tensions between police and youths

More Crime prevention strategies are needed

Women are over looked within criminal justice

No single model for youth justice

Many reasons for youth committing crimes

Problems will always be present no matter what policies government introduce

Contradictions over young offenders still continue
Community Punishments

Maximum of 4
Detention Centre Order

Youth Custody Order

Characteristics of the individual

Physical & Mental Condition
Cautioning rather than incarceration
The Liverpool Riots 1981 & 1985
1981 Scarman Report

1999 Macpherson Report
Women overlooked within Criminal Justice
Adjournment of cases
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