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Jake, Jack, and Henry T6

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Jake, Jack, and Henry T6

Henry, Jake, Jack T6
Avicii's real name is Tim Bergling he was born in Stockholm, Sweden on september 8 1989. Tim is been a DJ dance artist. -"I've always been into music, and growing up with older siblings I've also had loads of different influences when it comes to my music taste. There are loads of other people that have influenced me but I think the biggest inspirations I've had aside from my manager has been the Swedish House Mafia guys and Eric Prydz, they were the ones who first got me into house!" He plays hip hop and rap music. He can be found on 102.7.
Wake me up
The instruments are violin, piano, guitar, and drums these are only a few besides vocals.
1. ‘’Avici’’ is the lowest level of the Buddhist hell
2. Avicii started out by making mixes in his own bedroom at the age of 8.
3. The single was called 'Manman' it was released by Pete Tong through his Bedroom Bedlam label.
4. Avicii wants to end world hunger
5. Avicii called for people to submit sounds to him and over 4,000 sounds were submited
In conclusion, Avicii has gone from being an everyday school boy to being a pop-star phenomenon. Avicii. His song wake me up reached #4 on the top 100 chart. Avicii already is trying to live as much as a normal life as he can such as watching movies.
wake me up
Fun, Energetic, sunny
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