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National Competition

No description

Elizabeth Chamberlain

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of National Competition

Monday, Aug. 25th - Logo Enterprise

Wednesday, Aug. 27th - Back-to-school FBLA Social

Friday, Aug. 29th - Best Pins Win

Tuesday, Sept. 2nd - FBLA Quest for Success

Thursday, Sept. 4th - Professional Showcase

Recruitment Plan

Photo Challenge:
FBLA Adviser
FBLA Officer
FBLA Bulletin Board
School Spirit Selfie
Tuesday, September 2nd - FBLA Quest for Success
2015 Recruitment Plan
Sarina Rosado, Kyla Leckington, Elizabeth Chamberlain
Layton High, Utah Chapter

Thursday, September 4th - Professional Showcase
Wednesday, August 27th - Back-to-school FBLA Social

-Presentation by business professional

-Give tips about business skills

-Lunch will be provided

Monday, August 25th - Logo Enterprise
Friday, August 29th - Best Pins Win
Incorporating Social Media
- Post one week before event

- Post one day before event

- Post one day after event

- Show the benefits of joining FBLA

- Market experiences, memories, and fun

-Spark Interaction

- Execute 80/20 rule


Social Media Platforms

Prizes for first 3 winners:
- Parking pass
- Dance tickets
- Key card
- Sheet with various business logos

- Write down brand names

- Entered into a drawing

Increase in membership 20+%.

Boost of club spirit and pride.

FBLA will be a more familiar club throughout the school.
- Variety of interactive games

- Interact with members & officers

-Learn more about the club

Reaches target demographic
Share Pictures
Create events
Post information
Traffic Drive
Spreads content
- Announcements

- Word of mouth

- Personal Accounts

- Flyers

- Competitions

- Member meetings

-Search Engine Optimization

- Each student creates their own FBLA Pinterest Board

- Pins should consist of anything pertaining to FBLA and business

- Whoever has the best pins, wins!
How Will Our Pages Be Noticed?
1st week
2nd week
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