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Syaf - Rukun Islam and Rukun Iman

No description

Nur Hidayah

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of Syaf - Rukun Islam and Rukun Iman

Foundation of Islam "now tell me about virtue (ihsan)" A Balancing Act Levels of Attainment towards TAQWA To Allah is our Final Goal! Intention (niat) 1. Niyyat: rukun in every ibadah
2. Formulated in the heart and mind
3. The language
4. Conscious awareness
5. Clarity
6. Always renew intention
7. Sincerity (ikhlas) Rukun Islam Ihsan: doing what is beautiful; means that you should worship Allah as if you see Him, for even if you do not see Him,
He sees you. Rukun Iman & Rukun Islam Faith - Obedience = meaningless

Obedience - Faith = mere rituals (hypocrisy)

Faith + Obedience = righteousness with ihsan And that to your Lord (Allâh) is the End (Return of everything). [NAJM 53:42] The important hadith of Angel Jibrail
Rukun Iman 1. Mengucap dua kalimah Syahadah.
2. Mendirikan solat lima waktu sehari semalam.
3. Menunaikan zakat.
4. Berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan.
5. Menunaikan haji di Mekah bagi yang mampu. 1. Beriman dengan Allah subhanahu wa taala.
2. Beriman dengan para malaikat.
3. Beriman dengan kitab-kitab suci.
4. Beriman dengan para Rasul.
5. Beriman dengan Hari Akhirat.
6. Beriman dengan Qada' dan Qadar.
"tell me, Muhammad s.a.w., about Islam..." "now tell me about faith..." "you have spoken the truth." MUNAFIQ MUSLIM MU'MEEN MUKHLISWEEN MUTTAQEEN MUHSEEN God consciousness & piety Sincerity Best/righteous conduct Beliver w/ conviction Submission Hypocrisy
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