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Complete Grooming Process

8 Main Types Of Dog Grooming

Allan Beaulieu

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Complete Grooming Process

Basics of Dog Grooming Brushing Your Dog Brush your dog regularly in two methods.

1. Cleaning/Remove Mats
mats are tight wads of hair that are hard to separate
remove mats, clean out dust, dirt etc
they grow larger and larger if not removed
mats also form tightly to the skin, making them painful over time.

2 Look /Feel for Bumps, Cuts, Scrapes
notice a change in his skin or body
spread the hair apart to look at skin
feel for any bumps, lumps, or abrasions while grooming
many bacterial infections, insect bites, skin cancers start with just a few bumps Brushing Tools Depends on your dog's breed Double Coated Breeds have thick
coats so they need: Rake Comb De-shedding tool Wiry Coated/Silky Coated breeds pin brush stripping grooming tool flea comb Shorter Coated breeds brush and de-shedding tool Supplies for Bathing Your Dog Quality shampoo and conditioner for dogs. Do not use people products because they are not PH balanced for your dog

Oatmeal shampoo/condtioners are for sensitive skin, soft short coated breeds as well as hairless breeds.

Whitening shampoo/ conditioners are for white coats

Tearless shampoo/conditioners are for if products go around the face

Special shampoo/conditioners for dogs with skin problems

All purpose shampoo/conditioners do well for most with all purpose products Dog Hair/Fur Clipping If you have a dog with long fur/hair(Poodles, Shih Tzus etc) clipping is necessary. You should learn first before clipping your dog's hair. Hair Clipping Tools Brushes- Must properly brush dog before clipping Scissors- Use hand scissors made for cutting dog hair Clippers- Use high-quality, durable dog clippers Clippercide & Cooling Lubricant- Clippercide disinfects dog clippers. Cooling lubricant cools them down when it gets hot A Grooming Table- While not completely necessary it helps with precision. Cleaning Your Dog's Ear It is very important to clean your dog's
ears. It prevents ear infection.

Your dog's ear produces oils and wax naturally so it can
lubricate inside the ear.

This helps to trap dust, dirt and other particles preventing
them from getting into your dogs ear canal.

You must clean your dog's ears in order to prevent
mite infestations and fungal and bacterial infection.

Dogs get these infections from playing out in the
grass and the dirt without proper routine ear cleaning.

Ear infections in dogs can cause hearing loss if left
untreated. Ear infections are more common in dogs with
down ears. Dog Ear Cleaning Supplies Natural ear cleaner solution Squirt bottle Paper Towel/Cotton Ball Brush Your Dog's Teeth Brush your dog's teeth with a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste.

Keeps teeth/gums clean, clear of plaque and prevents other problems like peridontal disease. Dental sprays and solutions made
for dogs Dog Dental Supplies Tooth brush and toothpaste both designed for dogs Dog Nail Cutting Once you know how to do it correctly, you will easily trim your dog's nails yourself at home quite safely and efficiently. There is a great tool you can use. Best Dog Nail Cutting Tool In my opinion Quickfinder cutters are the best nail cutting tool for pet owners. They sense where the dog's quick is, letting you know when it is safe to cut. Perfect! Fleas & Ticks Their are many flea and tick repelants on the
market. Doggy Eye Check Preventing eye problems is important. Clean and examine their eyes and the surrounding areas frequently.

Gently wipe discharge or buildup in innermost corner of the eyes. Don't wipe the eyeballs. Dog Eye Care Supplies Pet eye product Cotton balls Tear stain cleaner You simply spray dog ear cleaner on the upper inside of the ear under the ear flap

Rub it around with a paper towel or cotton ball only around the flap then wipe.

Never stick Qtips/Swabs in your dog's ear canal.

Never go inside the ear hole How To Clean Dog Ears
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