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No description

ann-katherine kimble

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of sustaining

Sustainment of personal culture Although the equation is: Unfamiliarity = Discomfort , the problem can be solved with a little aid from the host country. When placed outside of one's culural element,
sustaining the feeling of comfort can be simple when the foreign setting aids in the sustainment of your culture. In Korea, while surrounded by numerous unfamiliar people and an incredibly different culture, there are little pieces of America that remind one of the feeling, taste, and sound of the fifty united states. In an unfamiliar setting, one faces numerous complications when trying to sustain their level of comfort. It's similar to being a small fish thrown into a huge ocean;a world much different from the one you're used to leads to discomfort. A huge city, rich in a culture with deep historical roots that influence the entire vibe of the city. Food that reflects the agriculture of the land, rich in vegetables. Festivals much different from those held in America that celebrate the historical aspect and growth of the country. Movies that compliment the drama of the lifestyles of Korean people. Many big corporations have francheses in Korea. These facilities are much like the ones in America but appeal more so to Korean people . Alot of traffic signals and road signs in the major cities are in English Television and radio stations often offer programs with english subtitles, there are channels that broadcast American programs in English. Ultimately, through much research and speaking with many American's who have visited a foreign country for an extended length of time,it is the strangers who have become family and the experiences that turned into lasting memories that are ultimately the foundations for sustaining a level of comfort. Furthermore, those two variables are the foundations in sustaining yourself in an environment much different from your own. By: Ann-Katherine Kimble white sandy beaches
in the basking sunlight American high school in Korea is much like it is in the US, which also offers the feeling of comfort. i.e. pep rallies, football games, schooling by american licensed teachers American television stations and radio stations, offer entertainment similar what is offered on basic US cable stations. This is yet another way to see and hear America while situated on foreign soil. The feeling of small town America and one's own personal culture is encompassed on a military base. While on the military base the world outside the barbed wire walls does not exist. It truely feels as if you are back in the home of the brave and land of the free. Besides the thousands of Americans on base, everything is in English. There are movie theaters, U.S. banks, post offices, American dining, night clubs, schools, American style housing, anything you can possibly find in any of the 50 states, you can find on a military base. Pictures credited to: Mary Bacle, Getty Images and Bing http://www.militaryavenue.com/ ; http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/korea-updates-2.htm ; http://www.usfk.mil/usfk/ ; http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2009/08/11/2009081100273.html sources:
visual view of the american take on a day in korea : http://www.facebook.com/#/video/video.php?v=216180494297
credited to Felix Quinata
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