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Keerat Grewal

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Osmosis

big vacuole stores water
decrease concentration of water in cells cytoplasm; increase concentration of solutes
solute concentration inside plant cell becomes higher than the solute concentration outside plant cell, water moves into cell by osmosis Osmosis By: Jasmeet, Rahul, Danyal, & Keerat What is Osmosis? Osmosis is a very important type of diffusion
It exists if there is concentration gradient inside or outside of the cell
Concentration gradient is when there is more solute in the water than in another area Osmosis occurs within a cell until there is an equal amount of solute throughout What Can Happen??? the semi-permeable membrane allows nutrients and solvents through, but keeps harsh materials out
it is a gate to the cell and it helps sustain life within the cell Osmosis is a diffusion that occurs through the cell membrane using water instead of cytoplasm THE CELL CAN DIE The cell can burst if too much water concentration is inside the cell than outside The cell can eventually die if there is too little water concentration outside the cell as compared to inside One Way A Cell Can Die how does it work? osmosis in action: It passes through the semi-permeable membrane. It works by moving the water molecules to the place of low concentration until it becomes equal http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072495855/student_view0/chapter2/animation__how_osmosis_works.html Thank you for watching our Prezi!!!! The End!!!! Way To Remeber Osmosis can be pretty confusing, but there are ways you can remember. In osmosis, there are "O"s which can represent a cycle of going in a cell, then out
Osmosis is the diffusion from low concentration to high, and it rhymes with os-LOW-sis How The Cell Can Live The cell keeps its shape when the amount of particles inside the cell are equal to particles outside the cell Solute is not able to pass through the semi-permeable membrane
Water passes through the membrane changing the water concentration of the cell Turgor pressure is required for a plant to survive and function
If there is too much water inside of the cell, the cell wall will resist turgor pressure Osmosis is required in order for turgor pressure to occur in a plant cell
When turgor pressure does not exist in a plant cell for a period of time, the cell will die
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