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Call me Hope

No description

Jessica Sigmon

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Call me Hope

Character Descriptions

Hope's Mom - Verbally abuses Hope


Hope - 11 year old girl

Other Characters:
Tyler - Hope's older brother

Mrs. Nelson - Counselor
Small town, 21st century

11 year old Hope is verbally abused by her mother, because Hopes mother blames her for her father leaving. Hope creates a secret safe haven in her closet to get away from her mothers abuse.She doesn't know who to talk to or what to do so to get her through the day she makes up a point system. Later Hope starts to work at a store Called Next to New, and in an effort to help the owner, Hope steals one of her mother's dresses and offers it to the owner, to sell. Hopes mother is furious and banned her from going to outdoor school which Hope really wanted to go to.
Rising Action

She buys boots from Next to New to help the owner who needs money to pay the bills.
Hope steals her mother's dress and brings it to Next to New. Hope's mother is furious and she grounds her from Outdoor school.
Hope gets to go to outdoor school and her mother is no longer verbally abusing her.
Call me Hope
By: Gretchen Olsen
Genre: Realistic fiction

Point of View
1st person
Falling Action
Mrs. Nelson, the school counselor, talks to Hope's mother about going to outdoor school and at the same time gives her parenting classes.
"... there isn't much here.
It's a boring old place, the
shop is the only fun place
"I don't know if momma hates me, or if shes just mad..."
Words affect people more than you may realize.
Be careful with what you say, you never know how it could affect someone.
Thank You
For Your Time(:
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