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AP: Europe Catching Up

No description

Luke Bailey

on 27 November 2017

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Transcript of AP: Europe Catching Up

AP: Europe Catching Up
-Due to trade sparked by Crusades, Europeans purchase eastern goods as well as take in ideas from Byzantines/Islamic world

-Trade with China starting in 1200s (thanks Marco Polo)

-By 1500s, Europe has technologically caught up with the Eastern world (and will later surpass them)
-Heavy wheeled plow, pulled by horses (got the idea from Central Asia)

-Crop rotation


-Gunpowder, taken from Islamic world which took from China. Use it in new ways.

-Compass, rudder from China, lateen sail from Arabs
-While kingdoms do emerge, Europe is never united. Constantly in conflict

-Constant conflict stimulates technological development (why?)

-Rulers much weaker than those in east (Pope more powerful, rely on allegiance of lords)

-Cities largely self-ruled

-Parliaments begin to develop to check power of king
Reason and Faith
-Tradition of Greek rationality (texts taken from Muslims) is used to understand Christianity

-Monks tasked with understanding God even without Bible (Anselm and the Ontological Argument)

-Slowly, "natural philosophy", science without need of Bible, develops

-Byzantines, on other hand, don't have the same interest
Thomas Aquinas (1200s)- Cosmological Argument
English Magna Carta
Anselm's Argument- 1,000s AD
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