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Conderation of Canada

Provincial confederation into Canada

Audina Warne

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Conderation of Canada

Double click anywhere & add an idea joined 1867

reasons for joining:
--economic benefits-promised money for roads, bridges-people needed money

Reasons to join
-worried about annexation of States;
-will be stronger together-most people in the votes, more power-no political deadlock 1871
Reasons to join
-they agreed to pay off the colonies loans-Gold rush caused an economic downfall so they needed support-railway built Joined 1867

Reasons to join
-money for schools to serve communities-got a proposal for a political arrangement to recognize and respect their rights-English speakers would guarantee rights of French speaking minority
joined 1867

Reasons to join;
-economic benefits-promised money, roads and bridges-link to rest of Canada with a railway
d Joined 1873

-large country can back you u you up, fight together--would get the railroad payed for-better economic prospects
Joined 1941

-boost Newfoundland’s economy-promised a ferry service -pay off their debt
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