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kamryn smith core3 smile

No description

Agassi Student

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of kamryn smith core3 smile

1 raia
what happend after that ? what is the solution
1 st thing what happen was she went to the doctor the doctor figure her tooth look very bad . so the solution is the doctor say she need some braces she was getting some anyway but now early .
what is wrong with raina
why do raina so sad ? riana is sad becuase she is scared how the populuar people is .
what happend to raina
raina went to girl scots then she start to make some cards then after raina mom turn to take the girls home tjhen raina took kelie to the door . so kelie say" i race u " raina say okay zoom kelie ran to the door then when raina fell down and broke a piece of her tooth.
it is a about herself.
kamryn smith core3 smile
3 jenny
9 raina dr
10 juan
11 raina dad
12 raina mom
raina is the main chracter
Who she like who someone like her
raina like this guy name sean . but a guy like her and she also like him and his name is jordan she say he super cute in music .
thing she wear
the thing she wear is headgear and some braces and an rantaineer
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