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adia tompkins

thomas edison

Pete Regeski

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of adia tompkins

Thomas Edison
"Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847" ("Thomas Edison Biography.").
"Thomas Edison died on October 18, 1931" ("Thomas Edison Biography.").
Thomas Edison went to school for 12 weeks, but then got pulled out and home schooled by his mother ("Thomas Edison Biography.").
Thomas Edison worked for a railroad company, but when he saved a kid from getting hit, the boys father offered him a job as a telegraph operator ("Thomas Edison.").

The Lightbulb!
Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. The lightbulb was invented to help improve electric lights, and is made of a filament material of high resistance ("Thomas Edison.").

How The Lightbulb Works!
When electricity flows through the filament, the bulb gives off light and heat energy ("Thomas Edison.").
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