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The Life of Georges Melies

No description

Jessica Thomas

on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of The Life of Georges Melies

Toy Store
No one would sell him a camera to film movies, so he built one of his own.
His wife became the star of his movies.
He made hundreds of movies including "A Trip to the Moon".
Shoe Factory
His parents were shoemakers.
They wanted him to work in the factory also.
He was not interested, so he sold his share of the factory and bought a magic theater.
War came, competition rose, and he was forced to sell his movies to a company that turned them into shoe heels.
On January 21, 1938 Georges Melies passed away.
Magic Theater
His wife was his assistant.
He had a special workroom in the back where he built his automaton.
The Life of Georges Melies
Jessica Thomas
With the money from his melted films, Georges purchased a toy store where he continued to work.
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