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Life of Grace Chapters Seventeen and Eighteen

God Calls Us to Reconciliation and the Rite of Baptism

J. Wallace

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Life of Grace Chapters Seventeen and Eighteen

The Command to Baptize Baptism Original Sin Remember that our earliest ancestors, Adam and Eve, sinned against God and lost their share in His life. We inherit this loss: it's called Original Sin. Handout:
Jesus Gave
Us Baptism God's provided a way for our Original Sin to be removed. We're going to learn about that in this chapter of the book. God Loves Us God loves us in spite of our Original Sin. When we were still His enemies, He chose to come into the world and die for us so that we could be reconciled, or reunited, to Him. Baptism frees us from Original Sin and brings us back into friendship with God through His grace. Baptism is administered with water (matter) and in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (form). It's ordinarily given by a minister, but anyone can baptize when a necessary situation arises. chapters Other Baptisms Although Jesus instituted the Sacrament of Baptism, and it is the ordinary way in which he washes away Original Sin, He is not limited to Baptism by water. He can forgive Original Sin by other types of baptism. God Calls Us Handout:
God Calls Us to
Reconciliation a way out Jesus Gave Us Baptism In addition to teaching the necessity of baptism, Jesus also commanded the Apostles to baptize (Mt 28:19). The Apostles carried out His command (Acts 2:38). Matter & Form Blood Handout:
Three Kinds of
Baptism What Did Jesus To Reconciliation Called Through God calls us to reconciliation through the Church that He founded. The first step toward reconciliation is Baptism. Let's read the story of Jesus and Nicodemus in Jn 3-18. Another "baptism" is called Baptism by Blood. With this type of Baptism, a person gives up him or herself for Jesus through martyrdom, without having been baptized in water. Mean? In this story, Jesus teaches us that Baptism is necessary for salvation. We can't go to heaven without being baptized. Beyond Baptism Baptism is the doorway into the Church. It enables us to receive the other Sacraments. We have a responsibility to live as children of God. The Effects of Baptism Baptism does a lot of things for us:
1. It washes away Original Sin.
2. It gives us a sharing in God's life.
3. It gives us the Holy Spirit.
4. It permanently seals us to Jesus. God's Family Through Baptism we become sons and daughters of God. In other words, we become members of God's family. Handout:
Baptism Desire One such "baptism" is called the Baptism of Desire. With this type of Baptism, a person is sorry for his or her sins, and is trying to cooperate with God's grace, but he or she cannot get baptized for whatever reason. the prodigal son We're going to read the parable of the prodigal son in Lk 15:11-32. what's it mean? The parable of the prodigal son shows us that God loves us, and desperately wants to be reconciled with us. seventeen & eighteen the Church Chapter Eighteen What are some uses for water? The Use of Water Jesus chose to use water to wash away Original Sin because it had deep meaning for God's people. Let's read about it:
1. Gn 1:1-23
2. Gn 6-7
3. Ex 14:14-15:3
4. 2 Kgs 5:9-13 5. Josh 1:1-15
6. Mt 3
7. Jn 4:5-15
8. Jn 5:1-8 What's It All Mean? From these passages, we clearly see that God has used water as a way of doing good, and destroying evil. No Ordinary Water By itself, water has no supernatural power. However, when it is used that way Jesus instructed, and poured over a person's head in the name of the Holy Trinity, the baptismal water cleanses a person from his or her original and actual sin. Handout:
The Matter
of Baptism The Rite of Baptism First Second Third 1 2 3 The rite, or ceremony of Baptism follows a specific order: Parents bring their child to the Church, where they are welcomed by the priest who represents Jesus. The child is about to become a member of the church. Next, there is a liturgy of the word (a reading, or readings from Sacred Scripture).
A brief homily follows, and the saints' intercession is requested. After the readings, there is an exorcism performed on the child. An exorcism is a special prayer that destroys any influence of the devil. Fourth After the exorcism, the child is anointed with the oil of catechumens, and then baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Wrap Up With the Baptism complete, the child is then anointed with sacred chrism, clothed in white, and given a candle lit from the Easter Candle. Handout:
Elements of the Rite
of Baptism Your Through baptism, you were born into a community of faith. However, you have a responsibility as a young adult to cultivate your faith. Commitment How Do You Do That?! There are lots of ways to grow as faithful Catholics: 1) prayer, 2) reading Sacred Scripture, 3) learning about the Church's teachings, and 4) going to Reconciliation and Mass often. Handout:
Living Out Our
Baptismal Promises
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