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Geology: Unconformities & Rocks

A closer look at unconformities

Teika Clavell

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of Geology: Unconformities & Rocks

Ulleung Island
South Korea
San Francisco
Geology: Unconformities & Rocks
Radio Active Age Dating
Ulleung Island is the top of a volcano that starts at the sea floor. It has been determined, using Radioactive Age Dating, that the volcano last erupted 2990 BC!! Radioactive Dating is a means of measuring the age of material by comparing the amount of radioactive form of an element with the amount of it's decay.
A fault is a break, or crack, in Earth's surface along which movement occurs
Grand Canyon
Mechanical Weathering is a natural process of breaking down rocks and particles
Mechanical Weathering
Paleokastritsa Beach
Sedimentary Rock is rock that forms from compacted sediment
Sedimentary Rock
Bunbury Australia
Igneous Rock is rock that forms when melted rock cools and hardens
Igneous Rock
Metamorphic Rock is rock that forms when existing rock is exposed to high heat, high pressure, or both
Metamorphic Rock
An unconformity is contact between two rock units in which the upper unit is usually much younger than the lower unit.
Baranof Island
An intrusion is magma from under Earth's surface that cuts through rock layers, cools then solidifies to become igneous rock
Karaginsky Island
Geological Folding
Folding is the process in which rock layers are squeezed together and pushed upward, forming a ripple in Earth's Crust
The study of rock layers
The Law of Superposition
The principle that in undisturbed sedimentary rock layers, older layers of rock lie beneath younger layers.
the theory that changes in the earth's crust during geological history have resulted from the action of continuous and uniform processes.

Ellemere Island
A cylinder of ice removed from an ice sheet.
Ice Cores
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