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Sleeping Beauty


Olivia Dennis

on 20 August 2011

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Transcript of Sleeping Beauty

CHARACTERS SYMBOLS HISTORY STORY The Sleeping Beauty InTheWoods THEMES In 1634 Giambattisa Basille published an Italian version of the Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale entitled "Sun, Moon, and Talia" this was the first version published. FROm this tale Charles Perrault wrote the first French tale of Sleeping Beauty ("La Belle aux bois dormant") in 1697. The French tale was later on translated into English in 1729, 95 years after the first publishing. Sleeping Beauty has been written by many different authors in many different languages. The three most common tellings of this fairy Tale are by Giambattisa Basille, Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm a German variant written in 1812 known as "Briar Rose". Also the common version that is well known today is 1959’s Walt Disney productions of Sleeping Beauty. (Fairies Fantasy Art, 2007-2010) Heroic Quest for true love - fighting against anyone and anything that will stand in the way.The prince's mission is to find his love.The desire that is so strong.

Inevitable fate - no-one knows when the princess will prick her finger, when she will grow up and get married.If the old Fairies gift will come true. The fate no-one can control or prevent from happening.

The wish for a child - a parent’s and Royal’s greatest desire. The child they prayed for, but could not have, the miracle child.(Art History Club, 2005)

True love conquers all - tangible strength can defeat anything such as unbeatable curses or gifts.No-matter how bad the situtation appears true love will always pull through.(Spark notes, 2011) Story The Spinning Wheel- The major and quite significant symbol of Sleeping Beauty is the spinning Wheel. The spinning wheel is the object in which the whole tale is based around. The princess pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep. If this were not to happen then the prince would not have found her, and they would not have fallen in love.

The spinning wheel can symbolise approaching maturity. This meaning sexual maturity as she is a 16 year old, hormonal teenage girl thinking about the prince. Or the maturity could symbolise a general transition between adolescent to adulthood. As when she is awakened she is a new person, she gets married and has children.

Another meaning of the spinning wheel is the unstoppable revolution of years. Time does not stop. And over time many changes can occur quite rapidly. (Spark notes, 2011) References Princess Aurora- the main character in the tale, is the typical Beautiful Princess. She is kind and loving towards her family, her prince and her children. When she was told that she was to be killed ‘Do your duty!’ she said, stretching out her neck to him. ‘Carry out the order given to you. Then I shall behold my children, my poor children, that I loved so much.’(p.37)She was willing to sacrifice her life to be with her children. She is a true Princess and Mother. She is always happy and tries to please everyone she meets. The Sleep- the sleep in Sleeping Beauty symbolises the wait for the refined and strong man. Marriage or a relationship should not be rushed into,as it is important to wait in order to get things right and balanced. Another meaning of the sleep could symbolise that every opportunity that is offered should be taken. Otherwise another opportunity may take 100 years for it to rise again, in a fairy tale. z z z The forest-– the forest surrounding the castle symbolises protection and acts like a cage forming around the Princess in the castle. The Princess’s father like any parent did not want one single change to happen to his daughter as she to him, was perfect. Therefore the Kings’ orders were that the Princess was not to be disturbed. Brambles and thorns were also a part of the forest so that neither man nor beast could penetrate through the forest. Fairies-Fantasy-art,2007-2010,Sleeping Beauty Fairytale,15/08/2011,www.fairies-fantasy-art.com/sleeping-beauty.html#top Wikipedia,2005,Sleeping Beauty,15/09/2011,arthistoryclub.com/art_ history/sleeping_beauty Sparknotes,2011,Sleeping Beauty,15/08/2011 http://www.sparknotes.com/film/sleepingbeauty Once upon a time a Princess was born, Princess Aurora. Eight magical gifts were bestowed upon her, one of which she was cursed to prick her finger on a spindle and die. Her father, the King tried to prevent this from happening, but 16 years later the inevitable happened, with a twist. She fell into a deep sleep, due to one good fairy’s actions. The curse, after 100 years was broken by a handsome Prince. The Prince and the Princess were married and had two children.After two years the Prince decided to introduce his family to his Mother.The prince was forced to go to battle so he left his family with his mother.The Queen was very jealous of her son and his love for his family. So the Queen took advantage of her son's absence and ordered her steward to serve the children to her for dinner, along with the Princess. The steward could not do so, but pleased the Queen with small barn animals in their places.Once the Queen realised she had been tricked,she decided to cook up a big vat, and planned to cook the Princess and her children up herself. But was caught by her son (the prince), so she jumped into the vat herself and died. While the Prince, his Princess and their children lived happily ever after. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs19/f/2007/275/e/b/AURORA_sleeping_beauty_by_pat_mcmichael.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8e/Spinning-wheel.png http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_lcjJSHdzyuI/S-Y8H29td8I/AAAAAAAAB8E/OYI0PH1tmaw/s1600/dark-forest-queen-night-31000.jpg Queen Ogre- the jealous mother of the handsome Prince. She is called an ogre, because she is of the race of ogres. She becomes so jealous of the Prince and his new family that she tries to eat the children and the Princess. She is cruel, mean, very wealthy and selfish as she cannot share her son with anyone else. According to Perrault’s story the King only married the Ogress because of her great wealth. (p 35) Steward- the Queen’s personal servant, and a husband to his kind old wife. In the tale he is ordered to cook all of the Prince’s family by the Queen. As he cannot do this task, he is portrayed as a hero that saves the Prince’s family from being eaten. He is kind and thoughtful and he always puts others needs before his own. Prince - the handsome hero that rescues Princess Aurora. In the tale the Prince’s role is vital. Without the Prince the Princess would not have woken from her deep sleep. The prince is a typical hero; he is young, goes hunting in the woods and is from a royal background. The prince is very faithful to his family, he loves them and would protect them in all circumstances.
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