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Soraya's Inquiry

No description

Melissa Valdivia

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Soraya's Inquiry

Tech Integration @ Roosevelt
by Soraya Sablo Sutton

Indicators of Success:
Teachers will...
-use tech to collaborate w/ grade level partners

-try out various software platforms & new curricula with students.

-reflect on their practice and growth
Learning Goals
Teachers will increase comfort and skill level with technology
Inquiry Question
How can I support teachers to integrate technology into their instruction?
Rigor + Support & Accountability

82% of teachers
reported that they use tech at least
4-5 days/wk

64% of teachers
say their tech use has
greatly increased
since the fall
What data did you collect?
Reflection Forms
Tech Integration Plans
Observations & informal chats
Staff Survey
Conducting this inquiry while balancing other work obligations
Offering differentiated support
Tech Glitches!
What did you learn?
Teachers learn best from each other.
1 on 1 support is necessary
Public celebrations of progress are important.
Doing 1 thing well is better than doing a lot of things poorly.
Discovery Education
Engage NY ELA w/ Visual Support
Khan Academy
Renaissance Assessments
Google Docs
Some of the things teachers tried out
Leadership Actions
Modeling my learning & risk taking
Tech Integration Plans
Differentiated Support & PD
Acknowledging the hard work
Permission to do 1 thing well
Peer Observations
Staff Meeting Share Outs

You all!!!

Thank you!!
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