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The Hales

Present on Thursday, October 18th

Sarina Huang

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of The Hales

By: Anujan, Jackie, Natasha,
and Sarina Week 1 Our British ancestors immigrated to Australia in the year 1778. They lived Down Under for 195 years until they decided to move to Canada in the year 1973. The History of the Hales The meaning behind our name Our surname, 'Hale' has British origin. It comes from the Old English word 'halh', which refers to when a family lives in a remote valley or nook. It can also mean 'hero' or 'heroic'. Put together, our last name roughly translates into "Heroes in the Valley". Because of this, we try to be strong and healthy, like our name suggests. For this reason, the Hales are [lacto-ovo] vegetarian, as we have been for 4 generations. Person A: Alexander Hales Members Of Our Family Person B: Bella Natasha Hales Lawyer at Inteqna
Acquired a BComm at the University of Alberta
Also completed a Juris Doctor there
Makes $110,000/annually Person C: Carson Matthew Hales Person D: Danny Hales Person E: Elina Stephanie Hales Pet: Saxton Hales Toy Golden Poodle
Found as a stray on the street
Abandoned by billionaire Samuel Jenkins Used to work at home for ARC Business Solutions
Currently manager of Distributel
Software developer
Used to make $107,250/annually
Currently makes $90,000 Attends NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Tech)
Takes IT and Electronics program
Costs $3459 for 1 year
Previously attended Inner City High Attends Spruce Avenue School
Walks to school with his friend, Aiden and
Aiden's mom (Andrea Everdeen) Is the youngest member of the Family
Is currently being looked after by Andrea Everdeen. House Info
Neighborhood Name : Alberta Avenue
Title : Freehold
Location : 11319 95A ST
Edmonton, AB T5G 1P2

Fencing : Fence

Land Disposition : Fenced

Land Size : 367.865 m2

Landscape Features : Fruit trees/shrubs (Apricot), creek and lots of flowers

2 Stories + finished basement Original Price: 189,000

Building Type: House
Bedrooms : 3
Bathrooms : 1 1/2

Floor Space : 132.3 m2

Single detached garage

Close to all amenities
public transit Punishments and Rewards Year 1 During the first year of Real World, we got 6 punishments.

6. Danny earned $800/year mowing lawns, but then started getting Ds in school because he thought that grades were unimportant since he could mow lawns when he grew up. After talking to both him and his teacher, he said he would try his best at school from now on. We also put mowing lawns on hold. We took Danny across Edmonton to charities including the SPCA and the Red Cross.
We gave $400 to the both of them and Danny learned that its better in life to enjoy what he's doing and who he's doing it for than what he's getting. We also received 5 rewards during the first week. 1. We got a 1 tank of goldfish with a retail value of $100. This includes one 5-gallon tank for $40, a water pump for $10, and 50 fish at a price of $1 each. 2. We got a wireless bluetooth keyboard with a retail value of $50. 3. One Bushel of Apples-168 small apples. With it, we made a lot of juice along with many apple pies. 4. We received one ice fountain that spews out juice and root beer. Because we knew the ice would melt quite quickly, we smashed it and put all 4 gallons of juice and root beer in pitchers ($10.99 for a 1 gallon pitcher). We used pitchers because they are more sanitary [and healthy] than drinking from cans or bottles. Person A-Profile & Career Alexander Hales, aged 46
Lawyer of Inteqna, a law firm in Edmonton
Makes $54.48 hourly ($110,000 annually)
An intermediate lawyer with a BComm and a J.D.
He has an IQ of 127 and a GPA of 4.2, which helped him score in the 92nd percentile on the LSAT Daily Schedule Wakes up at 6:45 everyday and takes a jog
Gets back at 7:15 and eats breakfast with the rest of the family
Leaves the house at 8:00 and takes a 3 minute walk to his bus stop, which leaves at 8:05
He gets to work at 8:19 with a lunch break (during which he eats a packed lunch) from 12:30-1:15 Arrives back at home 6:30 (Andrea drives him back) and eats dinner with the rest of our family
Works on some of his cases and goes to bed at around 11 During the weekend, he jogs or goes to the park with Danny and Saxton. We also go to the beach at least once a month. Person B-Career and Profile (YEAR 1) Bella's Previous Job
Software Developer for ARC Business Solutions
Used to work for $55 hourly for 37.5 hours per week at home
Worked at home to take care of Elina (since she was only 2 at the time) She was supposed to attend an extremely important meeting, but missed it because Elina was sick and she had to take care of her. After this incident, we decided that someone needed to take care of Elina while Bella and Alex were working. You will learn more about this (and Bella's new job) when we talk about Year 2. Person B-Daily Schedule (YEAR 2)
She leaves the house at around 7:30.
Bella walks for 2 minutes and then she take the bus to the closest bus stop to Distributel which takes around 15-16 minutes, then walks 180 meters to the actual building which would again take another 2 minutes. Everyday, Bella wakes up at 6:45 to and makes breakfast for everybody. She also packs lunches for everybody (except Elina, who is fed by Andrea.) Person C Carson Matthew Hales (YEAR 1) Carson is in the 2nd year of the IT and Electronics program at the NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. At the age of 8, he had decided that he would study Electronics because Bella (his mom) inspired him. This program costs $3459/year. Before attending NAIT, he went to Inner City High School. These are some of his marks:
Math= 96% Science=94%, English=86%, French=74%, Computer science=98% At the age of 15 took an extra curricular course on computer science, which got him 10 extra credits. Since he spent so much time with computers, excelled in it at school, and took this extra curricular course, he was known as a computer genius at his school. YEAR 3 He works part-time as Tech Support at CBC Alberta earning $15/hour and 30,000/year In the second year, we rolled a dice and we got a $5,000 raise instead of a $1,000 raise. Because the Hales are vegetarian, their diet is a bit different from what people usually eat. Food They eat things like Tofurky instead of turkey. Veggie burgers instead of beef ones. They also make good use of their apricot tree, located in their backyard. They also made lots of juice and many pies with their bushel of apples. They like to make home cooked meals, unlike a lot of other people who are too busy with their careers to do so.This results in an extremely unhealthy diet because they eat out everyday. Even though it is sometimes extremely inconvenient to make their own meals, they know it is the right thing to do. In the long run, eating healthy will be worth it. The Hales aren't vegan, so they can still consume things like eggs and milk. Sunday's Meal Lunch Spaghetti with spaghetti sauce and cheese
Apple juice Dinner Desserts Hale Family Recipe Apple Crumble Furniture Tuesday's Meal Breakfast Strawberry Yogurt Parfaits Mashed potatoes with unsalted butter and homemade gravy
Broccoli Breakfast Oatmeal with Brown Sugar
2% milk
Apple Week 1 Lunch Punishments and Rewards Year 2 HALE FAMILY RECIPE
Grilled Cheese sandwiches with ketchup
Apple Juice Dinner We received another 7 punishments in Year 2. Fresh Apricot Pasta Salad Snack A Granola Bar
Water 1. Our company "forgot" to pay Alexander 2 weeks pay. After researching what happens when a company does that, we got those 2 weeks of pay back. 2. We needed to buy a breathing mask for our family. We found one on 'dealmed' for $6.49 3. We bought 1200 yards of masking tape for $37.50 at 'Dollar General'. 4. Right after moving into our house in Edmonton, we discovered rat droppings in our attic. Because the only damaged they seemed to do was stink up our attic, we just put them in a plastic bag and threw it away. 5. We paid $375 for an inspection of our house only to pay another $395 to fix a one-inch wide crack in our foundation. 1. The apricot tree in our backyard had leaf spot, a fungi that we cured with a milk and water solution. 2. Danny found a dog on the street, which we adopted and named Saxton. 3. Bella was supposed to attend a meeting, but Elina was sick and she was forced to miss it. Her boss found this unacceptable and fired her. 4. A billionaire, Samuel Jenkins, sued us for killing his dog (the mother of our puppy). After talking to us, he realized we had good intentions and offered us one free year of lawn care as an apology for jumping to conclusions. 5. We needed to buy an iron, which we found on kijiji for $9.99. 6. We also needed to buy a globe, which we found on eBay for $2.29+$2.95 (for shipping). 7. In addition to the globe, we needed to buy an atlas, which we also found on eBay for $6.99+$4.00 for shipping. At 7:00 Bella leaves work and walks 150 meters
to her bus stop. She arrives home at around She then starts making dinner for her family and eats and spends the rest of her time usually just reading or watching a bit of television. $179.99 $199 $65 $80 $9.99 $49 $80 $200 $60 $25 Punishments and Rewards Year 3 This year, we only got 2 punishments!! 1. We needed to buy Mary Poppins umbrella, which we got from 'playbillstore' for 40 dollars. 2. We also needed to buy rainbow maker, which we found on eBay for $28.83 including shipping. Negotiated to $182,900, no inspection Andrea Everdeen A VERY close family friend who has known Bella since gr. 3. She babysits Elina for $15 each day Her son, Aiden, is in Danny's class and is his best friend. Her daughter, Stacy, is one year older than Elina is Elina's
best friend. The Hales go to the beach once a month with the Everdeen family. Clothes Person D Danny Hales'
Daily Schedule At 8:00am he wakes up
and eats breakfast with
his family. He gets ready
for school and at 8:45 Aiden
and Andrea Everdeen come
over and they walk to school
together, which takes about 2 minutes. At 3:15 school ends and he and
Aiden get ready and wait for Andrea and Elina to pick them up. Elina and Andrea arrive at about 3:20 and they all walk home together. He spends 30-45 minutes doing homework everyday. Aiden comes over every Tuesday. He also takes Saxton out for a brief walk outside everyday after his homework is complete. Person E Elina Hales'
Daily Schedule She wakes up at about 9:00am.
By that time Andrea has returned back to the Hales' household. She eats her breakfast made by Andrea and plays until 12:00 that's when Andrea feeds her lunch. She takes a approximate 2 hour nap and plays some more until about 3:13, which is when she and Andrea pick up Aiden and Danny.
Half an hour later Carson comes home and takes care of things. The Hales have decided to put Elina in Kindergarten 1 year later (when she is five), since she is born in December and they want her to be mentally prepared. A lot of the other families are doing this as well. Her best friend is Andrea's daughter Stacy who is 1 year older than her. They have also done put Stacy in Kindergarten 1 year later. She is in currently in JK. Carson Hales'
Daily schedule At 7:45, Carson eats breakfast and leaves for NAIT at 9:00am. He takes a 20 walk to NAIT with his friends and hangs out with them in the library for a while before class. He gets to class a few minutes early before the professor arrives. He comes home at 4:00 and then does his homework. He eats dinner with the rest of the family. During the weekends, he does his Co-op job at CBC Alberta as tech support. Internet And Phones Internet Our plan is from Acanac; which also gets us a free phone plan from them as well.
DSL Internet costs $32.95 per month Phones We also get free home phone service from them, so we buy the phone
--Cell Phone--
Alex gets the $25 plan
Carson and Bella get a $20 plan
$65 dollars for all 3 plans
Bella and Alex get a phone each get a HTC ONE V with the respective plans for $200 each
Carsons phone is a Samsung Evergreen for $100
$565 for all phones and all plans
Home phone-
They purchase it from Amazon for $29.99. It is a Unidon cordless phone with a answering machine Most of the clothes that the Hales get are from Old Navy Annual clothing price: $2053.50 Total Cost For Alexander is: $432.78 Total cost for Bella: $498.68 Total cost for Carson: $432.78 Total cost for Danny: $446.93 Total cost for Elina: $242.33 Alex and Carson each have: 10 Loose Painter Jeans
3 Slim-Fit Shirts
3 Striped Cotton-Pique Polos
3 Graphic Applique Tees
1 pair of Canvas Pop Kicks
1 pair of New Classic Flip-Flops
1 Plaid Hybrid Swim Trunks
2 Logo Performance Fleece Pullovers
10 Printed Boxers
5 Crew-Sock 3-Packs
1 Active Zip Track Jackets Bella Has: 2 Printed Dresses
3 Split-Neck Button-Front Blouses
5 Sheer Seamed-Yoke Tops
3 The Dreamer Boot-Cut Jeans
4 Linen-Blend Tie-Front Trousers
2 Patterned Shorts
2 Embroidered Sateen Skirts
2 Neon-Graphic Tees
2 Animal-Print Open-Front Cardis
2 Super-Soft Lounge Hoodies
1 pair of Bow-Tie Ballet Flats
1 pair of New Classic Flip-Flops
1 one-piece swim suit
5 Herringbone Tights
5 Sport Sock 3-Packs
1 Belted Performance Fleece Pea coats
4 Cotton Brief Panties, 5-Pack
4 Women's Strappy Seamless Sports Bra 2-Pack Danny Has: 3 Dazzle Basketball Pants
5 Regular Fit Jeans3 Denim Painter Shorts
2 Graphic Fleece Hoodies
3 Graphic Raglan Henleys
3 2-in-1 Halloween Tees
3 Patterned Poplin Shirts
5 Short Sport-Sock 3-Packs
10 Underwear Brief 3-Packs
1 Printed PJ Sets
1 pair of Lace-Up Pop Kicks
1 pair of Classic Camo-Print Flip-Flops
1 Green hibiscus swim trunks
1 Denim Jacket Elina has: 2 Printed Empire Jersey Dresses
5 Graphic Tees
5 Jersey Leggings
3 Cord Skirts
3 Ruffled Skirts
1 Printed Micro Performance Fleece Hoodies
2 Monkey-Scooter PJ Sets
3 Printed Jersey Biker Shorts
1 pair of Printed Canvas sneakers
1 pair of Classic Flip-Flops
1 Ruffled Floral Swimsuit
(year 3) 2 Girls Graphic Bikini-Underwear 7-Packs Discretionary Spending Staples
10330 101 Street Northwest
Edmonton, AB T5J 4X1
(780) 424-4114
14 minutes by bus 2 Laptops $279.99 3 Backpacks $24.99 Printer:$379.92 3 Waterbottles 500ml:$11.99 Pens:$4.39 2 packs of Erasers: $1.50 5 packs of Pencils:$ 1.79 3 packs of lined paper- $4.49 for 100 sheets of lined paper Hygiene products: $6.00 Toothpaste $0.99 Shampoo 2/$5 Body wash $5.49 Towels (include dish, hand, and bath) $131.76 Toothbrushes and toothpaste pack $2.99 Shoppers Drug Mart at Kingsway Garden Mall
NW Edmonton, AB T5G 3A6‎ The Franklins Bella and Benjamin Franklin met at a part-time job at McDonalds. They met again in high school at a technology course. They discovered that they both shared a passion of developing software and they became very close friends. Through all of our not so many ups, and MANY MANY downs, we stuck together the whole time, even if we didn't seem like we did. We worked together and finished all 3 years of week one successfully.

ALL HAIL ZEE HALES!! At the beginning of Year 1, we started with $16,000.
We also got:
1 washing machine
1 dryer
1 stove
1 microwave
27 inch CRT TV
1 Pentium 3 intel Celeron with a 15 inch CRT computer THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR LISTENING!
PLEASE VOTE FOR THE HALES!! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO WATCH THIS PRESENTATION AGAIN, SEARCH "THE HALES" ON PREZI.COM/EXPLORE!! Medical Items For the Hales dentistry needs they go to West Central Dental, located at 12110 107 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB T5M 1Y8 For their Doctoral needs they go to Eastwood Medical Clinic, Walk in Clinic and Pharmacy located at 7919 118 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB T5B 0R5 Insurance Health and Dental Insurance and payments are included in Alexander's job benefits. House insurance is $45/month for $540 annually. . WE GOT ONE REWARD!! ...a peacock feather. Plus 10. 3. We needed to buy a Santa suit, which we got for $77.85. 4. We needed to buy full body armor which we found for $799.99. 5. Danny felt unloved by his father, so Alex took a walk with him and after talking to him, Alex realized that he had to be more careful about what he said because Danny is a really sensitive person. 6. Organic colon toxic remover pills-$29.95 7. Inversion Exercise machine-$134.54 8.Foot massager-$19.99 9. Another juicer-$34.99 10. Memory foam pillow-$19 11. A Egyptian Mau-$900. We gave this cat to the Everdeens because they had wanted one but couldn't afford it. And the last one we ever got: BUY A FIRE ALARM.
We got it for $24.56 Person B- Daily Schedule (YEAR 1) Every morning, Bella wakes up at 6:45 to make breakfast. She also packs lunch for everyone except Elina. At 12:00, she eats lunch with Andrea and Elina. When she's finished her lunch, she goes back to her computer and continues working. She takes a few breaks to play with Elina or help Andrea with chores. When Danny and Carson get home from school, she gives them a snack.

At 6:30, when Alexander comes home, everyone gets together to eat dinner. After dinner, Bella watches TV until around 8:00. She then prepares for bed at 10:00. She spends around 15 minutes reading a book before she falls asleep. At 8:00, she turns on her computer and starts working on any project she has. She opens her email and awaits anything from her boss. In Year 1, Bella worked at home to take care of Elina. She would attend monthly meeting, which were held in ARC Business Solutions Inc. in Edmonton.
This is a map of the route Bella would take. By bus, it would take her around 13 minutes to get there. They still keep in touch by email now, even though the fact that Bella has moved makes talking face-to-face a lot harder than it used to be. This is the bus route that Bella takes everyday to Distributel.
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