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Leukemia and Mitosis

Description of the process of the cell cycle, mitosis, and what goes wrong in the cell cycle to cause cancer.

Jakayla Guiberteaux

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Leukemia and Mitosis

Leukemia and Mitosis By: Joerene Aviles,
Ja' Kayla Guiberteaux
and Eric To Cell Cycle: "Checkpoints" of the Cell Cycle: Mitosis: What Is Cancer?: Causes of Leukemia: G1- Occurs after G1 phase. It checks for:
Cell size
DNA damage Mitosis is the process where a eukaryotic cell separates the chromosomes in its cell nucleus to have two identical sets, which turn into two separate nuclear membranes. Cancer is a disease where abormal cells start dividing uncontrollably in a part of the body. Cancer of blood cells
Abnormal production of white blood cells
White blood cells grow faster than normal cells
The abnormal growth of the cells crowd out the normal cells Causes of leukemia include:
Exposure of large amounts of radiation
Exposure to certain chemicals (benzene)
After having chemotherapy on another cancer
Genetic problems
Smoke Leukemia: Treatment of Leukemia: Joerene's Tribute Slide: Jakayla's Tribute Slide: Eric's Tribute Slide: THANK YOU FOR LISTENING George W. Bush - Ryan Buell Born July 8,1982
American paranormal investigator on the show Paranormal State
Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at 30 years old
Family, friends, and fans pray for Ryan
Fans check up on him through Twitter and Facebook Purpose of Checkpoints in Cell Cycle "Biological stoplights”
make sure the cell can move onto the next stage of the cell cycle
Prevents mistakes in cell
if there is a problem in the cell, the cell cycle is stopped and the mistake is fixed Former 43rd president of the United States almost had skin cancer
His tumors were removed before they were cancerous.
Family and friend were relieved Toy Factory Analogy:
Cell cycle= factory production line
Checkpoints= quality control workers
Cells= toys
Damaged toys don't move on in production line and have to get fixed or scrapped Interphase-During Interphase a cell is growing, maturing, and replicating its DNA. The majority of a cell’s life is in Interphase.
G1 (Gap 1)- makes sure that the cell goes through its major growth phase and has grown all its organelles
S phase- the chromosomes are all duplicated
G2 (Gap 2)- the cell goes through its last phase of major growth to prepare for cell division
Mitosis- The cell is split into two identical daughter cells Mitosis only takes place in animal cells. Chemotherapy
Radiation treatment
Stem cell transplant
Biological therapy Treatments include: Interphase- Cell grows in size, makes protiens & organelles, Replication of the DNA and preparation.

Prophase- The chromosomes condense, nuclear membrane breaks down, spindle fibers grow out towards chromosomes, centrioles move to opposite ends of the poles.

Metaphase- Chromosomes line up at the equator, spindle fibers attach to the centromere of each chromosome.

Anaphase- Centromeres divide and spindle fibers pull chromosomes to opposite poles of the cell.

Telophase- Spindle fibers go away, nuclear membrane reforms around each set of chromosomes, cytoplasm begins to divide.

Cytokinesis- Cytoplasm & organelles divide evenly. Kylie Minogue! In cancer, the cell doesn't die when it is supposed too and this causes problems. Damaged cells form when the body does not need them. Australian singer.
Now 36 years old.
Was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.
"I have reminders of it every day so it definitely affects my life in a small part, so you just have to adapt and do things slightly differently ... just deal with it and move on." Phases of Mitosis Cancer happens when the replicating of DNA goes wrong and the cell ignores the mistake and goes on in cell division. The faulty cells no longer have the correct instruction so they start multiplying out of control. The cells keep picking up mistakes and eventually forms a tumor. Moves on to S phase if synthesis can begin. G2- After S phase, it checks to see if:
DNA is replicated properly
Cell size
Spindle checkpoint- Checks:
If spindle fibers are attached properly
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