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Rena Iwanaga

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Fast Food Introduction Fast Food= food that is made quickly.

Unhealthy for your body.

Walter A. Anderson- person who started first fast food restaurant. Increase weight

Serious illness or diseases

Increases at least 13 times of average cholesterol level.

400-600 calories increase

25% of America eat fast food everyday!

A meal = $4-$7 How is Fast Food bad for your Health? Disadvantages of Fast Food 2000 2010 Not even a state had 30% or more of population suffering obesity nor diabetes. 30% of population in 12 states suffered obesity and diabetes. Fast Food= not good, not healthy

Health missing from characteristics of food.

'The journey of 1000 pounds of weight begins with a single burger.' -Chris O' Brien Conclusion By Rena Iwanaga Bibiliography Bibliography
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