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Brochure on the Taiga Biome

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Chris Tusaneza

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Brochure on the Taiga Biome

By:Chris T. & Joseph M.
3rd Period The Biome of Taiga The Habitats
of the animals
Taiga Food & Water
Supplies Plants Tagia is a type of mountains and tree life
that where some animals want to live
alone in the coldest time of the year.

The animals that live in Taiga are lynx,wolverines,bobcats,minks, & ermine that are carnovires.

The snowshoe rabbits, red squirrels,voles,Red deer, elk, and moose
are herbivoires.

The American black bears are omivoires

Seed eaters like finches and sparrows, and omnivorous birds like crows stay all year long. The endangered species are grizzly bears,beavers,siberian tigers,siberian cranes,wood bison,red fox,rams,gophers,etc. Humans' food in Taiga are red deer, elks,squirrels,ducks,goose, & wild hogs. That humans are safe to eat wild hogs,goose,ducks,deers,etc. The main water source in Taiga is lakes,
lake streams,rocky lakes, & ponds. The average rainfall in Taiga is 30 inches,but
the rainforest is 90 inches. The safe plants in Taiga are pine cone trees,balsam fir,palm trees,bannana tree,honey sickles, & sherman plants. taiga's dangerous plants are catus,poison ivy,
& sticker burrs. The plants in Taiga that safe to eat are honey
sickles, all kinds of berries like blueberries,blackberries,strawberrries,cranberries,
etc. Dangers The biggest dangers in Taiga are ticks,mosquitoes,
weather climate, & temperature. The biggest danger to Taiga are the gas pullition,
cutting down tree life,trash pullition on the lakes,
burning down the animals habitats.
Slogans & other facts The average temperature in the summer
is from 64 degrees to 72 degrees. That the weather in Taiga is the coldest time in the winter.
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