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Movie Plot Diagram (Cars)

No description

Yasser Abdul Bagi

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Movie Plot Diagram (Cars)

- Piston Cup race (race track)

- "The King" (racing legend), Chick Hicks (comes in 2nd), Lightening McQueen (rookie)

- McQueen about to win but pops tire (arrogant)

- Finals race, all 3 tie; second race is scheduled for next week in Las Angeles International Speedway
Rising Action
"RA" Continued
McQueen drives fast and get followed by a cop

- Gets scared and crashes into power lines

- Lines get entangled with statue

Statue tears through main road of Radiator Springs

- McQueen gets caught.
- "The King" crashed terribly

- McQueen, about to win, stops and goes to help out "The King" finish his race

- Hicks wins the Piston Cup

"RA" Continued
- McQueen impounded

- Court of Radiator Springs punishes McQueen by having him fix the road
(Mcqueen might miss his race)

Movie Plot Diagram

Yasser Abdul Bagi
Per: 2

"RA" Continued

- Next Morning, people woke up to
see that the road is all paved.

- McQueen decides to stay a bit but
his location was reported so the media

- McQueen finally arrives in CA

- Race begins, midway Hicks starts
swiping McQueen but recovers

- Final lap And McQueen is about to
win but Hicks in a final effort
swipes "The King"
Falling Action
- Hicks is booed by the crowd
for winning

- Lightning McQueen is congratulated and his sportsmanship pays off.
- Lighting McQueen refuses to let his hauler Mac stop to rest

- Mac gets sleepy leading to Mcqueen
falling out of truck
- McQueen gets to work and finishes it quickly but terribly

-Was ordered to scrape and do it again.
"RA" Continued
"RA" Continued
Mcqueens racing career as a rookie takes off.
At the end it doesn't matter if you win or lose, what matters is that you do the right thing.
- Protagonist
- Main Character
- Dynamic

Arrogant, tears up
road, fixes it, helps fellow
Thinks that he doesn't have to do anything since he is famous.

Learns his lessons
through his thoughts & actions.

-Supporting Character

Slurred and nonsense
Reckless and clumsy

Speech & actions reveals that
he's comedic and helped Mcqueen get through.

- Antagonist
- Supporting Character
- Flat (the bully)

Effect on other Charecters-
Made McQueen become a hero
Side swipes racers, deosn't care about feelings

Hicks contributed to McQueen's sportsmanship
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