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ToK Presentation - Whaling

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Ann Person

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of ToK Presentation - Whaling

“Australia orders Japanese whalers to stay away” What happened? by Kana Uehara and Shaw Tan Australia orders Japanese whalers to stay away Human science: Political relationship between Japan and Australia Math: Mathematical models are used to estimate and predict whale populations Areas of Knowledge Natural science: Whale hunting has an effect on the food chain History: Whaling has been practiced since prehistoric times Ethics: Is it right to kill living organisms that are capable of thought? Language: Books have been published criticizing whaling Knowledge Issues To what extent does emotion and reason determine the food a person accepts? To what extent can traditional practices be justified? Ocean Ecosystem Areas of knowledge:
Natural science
History Traditional practices should be continued as it can justified with reason. krill whale krill krill krill krill Ocean food web Math Whale population is RECOVERING San Luis Obispo County Office of Education Bowhead whale population Right whale calf population Banned by IWC in 1982 Research value JARPA Programs Research programs study:

Whale mortality rates
Whale stock and structure
Whale role in the ecosystem
How environment changes affect whales
Competition between whale species 1 Sperm whale eats 1 700kg of fish and octopus a day.
Sperm whales worldwide consume about 91 000 000 000 kg of prey. Bibliography
Ellis, R. (1994). Monsters of the Sea. The Lyons Press. p. 245. ISBN 1-59228-967-3.
"Detailed Information about Blue Whales". Alaska Fisheries Science Center. 2004. Retrieved 2007-06-14.
Proulx, Jean-Pierre. Whaling in the North Atlantic: From Earliest Times to the Mid-19th Century. (1986). 1 Blue whale eats about 3600kg of krill a day.
That is 40 000 000 krill in one day. 1 Minke whale eats about 100 000kg of fish in one year. (Natural Science) Ways of knowing:
Reason (except for research) Whale population is DEPLETED Blue Whale Population trend Whaling is still practiced in:
United States
South Korea Whaling whaling
the practice or industry of hunting and killing whales for their oil, meat, or whalebone. Practiced since 3000BC Areas of knowledge
Natural science
History Ways of knowing
Emotion Whale meat Cruel to eat whales? Cannot afford beef TRADITION Chinese and Korean Australian Muslims 100g of beef =8.8 yen 100g of whale meat = 2.2 yen Counter-claims Modern whaling practices are different from traditional whaling practices 4 times more expensive In the past whales were hunted from small open boats with hand thrown harpoons. Whales are now hunted with more powerful and efficient weapons from large engine boats. History Whales are traditionally hunted for their meat.
Why eat whale meat? Ethics History Natural Science - Biology Whale meat is healthy Cannot farm whales unlike cows and pigs Found in... Pigs are as smart as dolphins
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