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Chinese Food Culture

No description

Celina Hsu

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Chinese Food Culture

Chinese Food Culture Shark fin soup Served at special occasions like weddings, banquets, and New Years celebrations Considered one of the eight treasured foods from the sea Traditional Chinese delicacy associated with prosperity, honor, and good fortune Shark fins are tasteless and only provide texture Chinese cuisine intro Color, aroma, texture, and flavor are important in preparation Northern and Southern styles of chinese food Staple foods of Chinese cuisine Rice Staple food of Chinese people in everyday meals Can also be made into rice porridge By Celina Hsu Noodles Staple food in Chinese cuisine Vary in width Numerous cooking styles Served long and uncut Vegetables Commonly used vegetables are used in Chinese cuisine Eaten at almost every meal Prefer cooked rather than raw Meat and Poultry Eat all animals' meat Pork is the most commonly consumed meat Rarely eat any raw meat Prepared in various ways Tofu Also called bean curd Has very little flavor and smell Taste comes from absorbing flavors of the dish it is prepared with Spices Ginger Garlic Ginger and garlic are the most commonly used ingredients for flavoring Garlic is mostly used in stir fried dishes Ginger is popular in Cantonese dishes Sauces and condiments Soy Sauce Light and dark soy sauce Dark soy sauce mainly used for cooking and seasoning meat Light soy sauce is served as dipping sauce Oyster sauce A staple in many Chinese family-style cooking Commonly used for stir-fried noodles Can be used as a topping for some dishes Sesame oil Two types: light and dark Lighter one used as salad dressing or for sautéing Darker one used as a flavor accent Luxury foods Bird's nest soup Made with the nest of swifts One of the most expensive animal products Believed to provide health benefits such as aiding digestion, improving voice and focus, and an overall benefit to the immune system Questions Q1: The most important aspect of Chinese cuisine preparation is:
a. aroma b. flavor c. texture d. color e. nutrition Q2: There are two types of Chinese cabbages, but they can also be distinguished as:
a. Chinese white cabbage and Bok Choy
b. Snow veggies
c. Snow cabbage and Bok Choy
d. a. & c.
e. a. & b.
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