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Construction Estimation

No description

salwan alamdar

on 23 December 2012

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Transcript of Construction Estimation

Construction Estimation Software UDA Construction Software UDA ConstructionSuite, is a project management and construction estimating software for small to medium firms, in industry for
1) Professionals, builders,
2) Remodelers,
3) General contractors,
4) Homeowners and do-it-yourselfers,
5) Construction management firms, and real estate developers Conclusion Introduction Eastern Mediterranean University
Faculty of Engineering
Civil Department
Estimating And Tendering Presented By: Salwan ALAMDAR
115375 Submitted to : Prof.DR. Tahir Celik Estimator (Enginner) Construction Estimation is the approximation of the cost of a program, project, or operation. In Construction Management the Engineers or Estimators use Estimation
for :
1) A specific project, size and type.

2) To estimate their bid price for a project.

3) For purposes other than bidding.

4) For the distribution of labor
and for purchases of raw materials. Construction contractors usually prepare bids or tenders to compete for a contract award for a project. To prepare the bid, first a cost estimate is prepared to determine the costs and then establish the price(s).

This involves reviewing the project's plans and specifications to produce a take off or quantity survey, which is a listing all the materials and items of work required for a construction project by the construction documents. Together with prices for these components, the measured quantities are the basis for calculation of the direct cost. Indirect costs and profit are added to arrive at a total amount Estimators used columnar sheets of paper to organize the take off and the estimate itself into rows of items and columns containing the description, quantity and the pricing components. Some of these were similar to accounting ledger paper. They became known as green sheets or spreadsheets. With the advent of computers in business, estimators began using spreadsheet applications like VisiCalc, Lotus , and Microsoft Excel to duplicate the traditional tabular format, while automating redundant mathematical formulas The Advantages of Construction Estimation Software:
1) Can bid in short time.
2) Precise Calculation.
3) Easy takeoff from plans. Thank you For Your Attention UDA Estimating Tool Estimating Overview Dimensions Automated Proposals Change Order Management Estimate Integration UDA Items Database And Costbooks Overview Search And Sort Items and Estimating Track Vendor Quotes Advanced Options Construction Net Overview Today Overview Certificate Tracking Contact Sync Calendar Sync Overview Transaction Logging Multiple Options AIA 702/703 Forms Import From QuickBooks Scheduling Overview Critical Path Tools Schedule Reports Reminders Schedule Integration Calendar Overview Advanced Reminders Mini Calendar Multi Project View Customize View Contacts Overview Lead Management Contact Summary Insurance Tracking Advanced Options Cash Flow Report Estimate Reports Aggregate Report Scheduling Reports Project Totals Report Contracts And Forms Specifications Custom AutoDocs Save to ConstructionOnline Document Integration UDa Construction Net CRM Accounting Tool Scheduling Tool UDA Construction Calendar UDA Contacts And Resources UDA Documents Tool Cash Flow Report Tool
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