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The History, Discrimination, and Stereotypes of Tattoos

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Boston Kennedy

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of The History, Discrimination, and Stereotypes of Tattoos

By: Boston Kennedy History of Tattoos Discrimination of Tattoos and Tattooed People Stereotypes of Tattoos and Tattooed People Physical Product Throughout this process I learned that no matter what topic you choose for Graduation Project. you will be forced to stretch your knowledge on that topic. The word tattoo come from the Tahitian word, "tatau." Which means "to mark." For my physical product i created a portfolio with my own tattoo designs, and information about good and bad tattoos. Self Reflection The History, Discrimination, and Stereotypes of Tattoos Tattooing was introduced to the New World when James Cook's crew took a voyage to the Polynesian Islands and the crew came back with tattoos. By the nineteenth century, nearly 90 percent of the American Navy was tattooed. In the 1970s and 80s, one in every 100 people had a tattoo, now 1 in every 10 people have one. Sixty percent of employers said they would not hire someone who had tattoos visible in an interview. Although the majority of major companies do not accept body art, some do, such as Wal-Mart, Ford Motor Company, and Borders (bookstore). Tattoos are still viewed as unorthodox in the business world today. Many people still think tattoos are associated with bikers, gang members, sailors, and criminals. Health risks are basically non-existent in tattooing now. In 2005, statistics show you were more likely to pick up HIV in a dentists office than a tattoo shop. It was a learning stretch because it made me learn a lot more about tattooing laws, regulations, and companies policies on tattoos. If I could change anything it would have to be the amount I procrastinated or the physical product I chose. Procrastinating during Graduation Project was a big factor for getting deadlines met. I chose to do a portfolio for my product, and I feel now that I should have done more to stretch my learning, rather than taking the easy road. Thank you for your time, do you have any questions? Michaels is where I spent the majority of my time and money for my project. I had to buy pens, markers, pencils, and binders. This is me tracing the outline of a North Carolina puzzle piece so I could get the shape right. I spent a lot of time on the internet researching fonts, styles, and artists. This particular artist is Luke Worley; my personal artist and a friend. This is an example of a block font that was drawn in sharpie. I didnt use too much color, but all the color designs are with sharpie. This is me coloring in a pencil design in an olde english font. i used a pencil for most of my designs. This is me shading in a design of a clipper ship I made. Shading is different than just coloring in, you have to use less pressure. This is an example of a tattoo with sun damage, it used to be two colorful flowers, and after years of bad care its turned into nothing. This is an example of a tattoo where the artist used a needle that went too deep causing the line to be thick and uneven. This is a tattoo with clean lines and minimal sun damage. The fist tattoo shop in America was opened in New York City in 1846. The first tattoo gun was not invented until 1891, which means the first shop used stick and poke. Health risk are eliminated now because professional use an autoclave which uses a mixture of moisture, heat and pressure which is how they sterilize equipment. Tattoo addiction is a widespread topic that is actually true. The body releases endorphins giving your body a natural high that can leave your body wanting that rush more. Tattoos do not increase your risk of skin diseases or cancer, even if you have previously had it. Reasons People Get Tattoos Honoring a lost loved one- friends, relatives, and even pets. Symbolizing a life changing event- overcoming cancer or another disease, ending a relationship, covering a scar, or even a big move. For the love of art- some people just enjoy the colors and they find tattoos aesthetically pleasing. Dedication to a significant other- bad idea, but people still do it. Religion/Cultural reasons- crosses or verses. For example Manti Te'o of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish has a tribal tattoo on his arm to represent his Samoan heritage.
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