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Neal Duong

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of HEROIN


What Is Heroin?
Heroin is a highly addictive drug derived from morphine.
It is typically sold as a white or brownish powder .
Heroin is usually injected, sniffed/snorted, or smoked.
Typically, a heroin abuser may inject up to four times a day.
Physiological Effects
In larger doses it can cause the user to feel drowsy and very relaxed.
A common symptoms are anxiety, agitation, insomnia, and nausea.
Heroin actually slows down the brain functions, and in particular the control of breathing, which can slow down or even stop.
At the same time blood pressure and body temperature drops and the heartbeat can become irregular.
Physical Effects
Heroin is also known to greatly reduce physical and psychological pain when taken.
Respiratory failure can happen to the point of death.
Liver and Kidney disease and skin infections.
There is also a high risk of HIV from the needles.
It slows down your heart beat & breathing rate.
Medical consequences of chronic heroin abuse include scarred and/or collapsed veins.
infection of the heart lining and valves
Social Effects
People who use heroin tend to not have friends because they put the drug in front of their family and other people.
The only thing on their mind for an extreme addict is to get more of the drug.
This makes them skinny and not want to eat when they are using the drug.
More into the History
Charles was an English, chemistry, and physics teacher at St Mary's Hospital Medical School in London.
His full name is Charles Romley Alder Wright.
Morphine was actually used in the Civil war as a pain killer.
In the wild west there were actually Opium dens where cowboys did drugs.
Drug Classification
Heroin is an opiate, an opiate is a narcotic analgesic that directly depresses the central nervous system.
Opiates are powerful painkillers. They are made from opium, a white liquid in the poppy plant. Opiates produce a quick, intense feeling of pleasure followed by a sense of well-being and calm.
Heroin abuse is extremely dangerous if you start as a teenager you will have a higher risk of tragic long term problems.
Once you take one shot you will be addicted.
It will effect your life forever even after you are clean.
Where did Heroin Come from?
Heroin is made from the dried milk of the opium poppy.
It is derived from morphine.
Charles Romley Alder Wright was the scientist who first synthesized heroin in 1874.

What does it look like?
Although heroin comes in many forms the most popular way it is seen is in a needle.
How is it taken?
Heroin can be injected, snorted, or smoked. Although before injection some kinds must be dissolved. (A.K.A street heroin)
Popular Names
Popular names include H, smack, horse, brown, black, tar, brown sugar, mud, dragon, skag, black stuff, snow, chiba, and chiva.
How and where is it made?
Reasons that people use
Statistics show that Opiate abuse and Opiate addiction cost Americans over $484 billion annually.
This amount includes healthcare costs and abuses of the healthcare system, lost wages, car accidents, crime, and criminal justice system costs.
Many opiates are taken over the counter with prescription and drugs you can buy with out a prescription in many drug stores.
Why is this important to teens.
Teens who experiment with drugs put their health and safety at risk.
Using drugs pushes away your family, your friends, and everything dear to you.
Drugs kill your body and do permanent damage.
It is illegal you will be put in jail.
How can a teen say no
Teens can say no by avoiding getting asked to do drugs in the first place .
You can also tell them that saying yes will make you less cool and that you are risking your life by doing drugs.
Ways to avoid Peer pressure.
One of the best ways to avoid peer pressure is to find good friends.
Surround yourself with good people.
Stand for what you stand for.
Be the one to say no and hers will follow.
The opium seeds come from a flower called papaver somniferum
Sap is taken from the flower and hardened into packages and sold to the markets.
Then it is mixed with lime and water then is filtered then molded into a morphine base.
There are four primary makers South America, Southeast and Southwest Asia, and Mexico.
There are large farms where the flower to create the drug is grown an harvested.
Where is it Made?
Statistics about opiates
Minnesota's Heroin Problem
A commonly used medication, clonidine, primarily reduces anxiety, agitation, muscle aches, sweating, runny nose, and cramping.
Shortness of breath, Dry mouth
Constricted (small) pupils, Sudden changes in behavior or actions
Disorientation, Cycles of hyper alertness followed by suddenly nodding off
Heroin is strong, it's cheap and it's everywhere whether you live in Shakopee, Hudson or Anoka County.
The drug is dangerous and it's become increasingly deadly.
Heroin is being sold in Mn like no other state int the US because it's purer here than any other state.

How it is Made
HIV /AIDS Hepatitis
Heroin users are at a special risk because these diseases are transferred through blood.
Used heroin needles is the main reason for heroin users to contract HIV.
This is because the needle is used over and over thus making the risk higher.
Heroin releases endorphins into the brain.
Endorphins are a type of chemical in the brain that make you feel "happy".
This is a major reason why heroin is addicting because once you get that rush of good feelings you become mentally addicted.
Celebrities that have died from Heroin
Finn Hudson
Howie Epstein
Elisa Bridges
Kurt Cobain
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Janis Joplin
Serious Facts
Using heroin when pregnant cuts off the supply of air to the baby.
It takes about three days to truly addicted but physiologically is different.
It can cost about $80 a day.
Heroin can kill quickly by causing respiratory failure
Endorphins are actually released when running or other exercises.
Over 80% of heroin users inject with a partner, yet 80% of overdose victims found by paramedics are found alone.
Symptoms include
shallow breathing or not breathing at all
floppy arms and legs
no response to stimulus
unrousable (can’t be woken up) unconsciousness.
A antidote will be given if possible and a detox.

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