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Behavioral Education Strategies for Teachers

The BEST program is a positive behavior system generally used as a school-wide behavior program.

Laura Van Oss

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Behavioral Education Strategies for Teachers

Behavioral and Educational Strategies for Teachers (BEST) What is BEST? BEST is a program that focuses on improving the quality of services for students with behavioral disorders. BEST is a state-wide program in Utah that strives to provide support services for children with behavioral disorders. What are the goals of BEST? •to develop a comprehensive system of education and support services for students with behavioral disorders •to provide appropriate and effective educational programs to students with behavioral disorders in the least restrictive environment •to enhance professional development opportunities through inservice training and technical assistance •to increase communication and professional exchange among teachers •to disseminate validated instructional materials and practices •to implement a coordinated set of services between education, mental health, social services, health, and justice/corrections How does BEST work? BEST provides on-site training, technical assistance, curriculum development, and a state-wide newsletter for schools that implement the BEST program The BEST Teams Institute brings teams of school professionals from schools across the state together to exchange ideas and discuss the program together So What? Newman Elementary School Bennion Middle School Jeremy Ranch Elementary School I will follow directions the first time given I will keep my hands, feet, mouth, and other objects to myself I will use kind words in a polite voice I will walk single file in the halls, and will use only a Level 1 voice I will use, clean up, and put away all materials safely and properly
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