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Social Reconstructionism EDCI 125

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Hannah Hagerhjelm

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Social Reconstructionism EDCI 125

SOCIAL RECONSTRUCTIONISM Founder of Social Reconstructionism Theodore Burghard Hurt Brameld (1904-1987) was a leading educational philosopher of the 20th century. As an American educator and educational philosopher, Brameld is best known as the founder of Social Reconstructionism. In reaction to the realities of World War II, he recognized the potential for either human annihilation through technology and human cruelty or the capacity to create a beneficent society using technology and human compassion. Brameld dedicated his efforts to employing schools as agents for social change. IN THE CLASSROOM Reconstructionists favor students getting out as much as possible into society, where they can learn and apply learning. Brameld recommends that as much as half of a student’s time is spent outside the traditional school structure, learning at some place other than school. The traditional classroom setting might have some value, but the important thing is to get students to use what they learn, and traditional school do not always encourage this SOCIAL RECONSTRUCTIONISM The pedagogical philosophy of Social Reconstructionism simply rests on the idea that schools need to shape or “reconstruct” society. Theodore Burghard Hurt Brameld Goals of Reconstructionism in the classroom: Discussion
Community-based learning
Service learning Reconstructionists believe that the teacher should be an educational activist. The teacher should be a person who is aware of what is going on in society, have an opinion, and is able to discuss this with the students he/she teaches. Teachers need to be freed from passivity and fear of working for change. They need to focus on critical issues not generally found in textbooks or made a part of the school curriculum. They also need to make students more critical about the knowledge they receive Students: Teachers: Example of Reconstructionism in the classroom: How can the Constitution be taught in a way that is both meaningful and reconstructive to students who need to find a reason to keep coming back to school? Teach what the Constitution is saying and is not saying.

Therefore, it is not enough to teach about the United States Constitution and leave out the fact that the word "woman" is nowhere to be found in the entire document (including the 27 Amendments). After such a lesson, the questions must be asked, “So, was this intentional? Is it fair? Why or why not? If not, what can we do to avoid this in our own communication?"
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