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Biome Project

Environmental Science project for biome research

Kelly Wright

on 25 August 2012

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Transcript of Biome Project

Tropical Rain Forest Greatest diversity Located around the equator Help Regulate climate Play vital roles in: Carbon cycle
Nitrogen Cycle oxygen Cycle Always Humid recieve about 200-450 cm of rain per year strong sunlight year round Leads to constant temperature helps support diversity of plants and animals Warm, wet conditions help nourish more species Most nutrients are decompsed on the floor not provided by plants Butresses and braces form: trees that have roots that form above ground 3 Layers: Emergent Layer
"trees grow and emerge in direct sunlight" Canopy Split into upper and lower Upper canopy trees
recieve more sunlight
than trees in the lower
canopy Epiphytes are present
in the lower canopy "Plants that the entire
surface of a tree as a \
place to live Understory Trees recieve little light Plants that live here
are adapted to the shade Biome with the greatest amount of species variety evolution had led to this great diversity the animals are specialist
that use specific resources
in particular ways many have adapations to capture
prey or avoid being prey threats once covered about 20 percent
of the Earth's surface... now about 7 percent "every minute of every day
100 acres of rain forest it cleared" Leads to habitat destruction,
and a loss of biodiversity people who live in the
rainforest are also affected by
the habitat destruction many plants found in the rain
forest are valubale animals can be used for
exotic pet trading
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