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Brother in the land act log

This is about the main events in the play script

Maryam Qamar

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Brother in the land act log

By Maryam Qamar Brother in the Land
Act log Act 1 Scene 4: Scene 1: Introduction to Danny, his family and his lifestyle. Scene 2 Rhodes is telling the children how to protect
themselves against radiation The civil defense is discussing about the bomb threat
when suddenly they are attacked by one Scene 5: The shadow man comes and describes the bombing as
a living hatred and after it nothing is ever the same. Act 2 Scene 1: Skipley is bombarded and everything is ruined. Andrew's father does not recognize Danny because he is badly affected by the radiations. Scene 2: Danny comes home. Unfornetly his mother is dead but his
father and younger brother Ben is still alive. Scene 3: The Civil Defence Team are shocked. They want to believe they
this is just an exercise but they know it is real. Scene 4: Danny & Andrew are at the well. Andrew's leg is injured.
They met Kim followed by Chris & Tracey. Danny help Kim
get rid of Chris & Tracey. Scene 6: Scene 5: The civil defense team annuced that they have set a hospitals for peopled injured in the war Andrew leaves his dad at the civi defence team for medical attention. The CDT find out about a resistance group called MASADA. scene 7: Danny and Ben are wiating in the line to get food. Kim offers Ben her food because he is hungry and Kim tells Ben that Danny is scared of her. Scene 8: Danny and Charlie attack the Cartwrights to get food. when they are about to go Mr. Cartwright shots Charlie and after seeing this Danny runs away. Danny and Ben are sitting near sitting near their mother's body suddenly MASADA comes their and offers the two of them help but
Danny refuses. Scene 9: Scene 10: Stroud announces that the CDT has arranged a hospital and jobs at Kershaw's farm. Scene 1: Act 3: Danny and Ben are brought to MASADA. Their they find Kim and get to know what is MASADA is an authority made agaimst the CDT. Scene 2: The CDT is celebrating Christmas at Kershaw's farm. Scene 4: Scene 3: Danny has started liking Kim and what to ask Kim out but Kim what's to go to the ambush. Rhodes planning the ambush with everyone then suddenly the ambush has started and
Danny is captured and Kim is worried. Scene 6: Scene 5: The CDT is asking Danny questions about MASADA. He lies that he doesn't know so the councillor tells to kill Danny as he is of no use. The soldier is going to kill Danny. Danny thinks of his parents, Ben and KIm when suddenly the soldier shoots. Scene 1: Act 4 Mike and Maureen are going to CDT as spies. Danny comes back to MASADA safely with Mrs. Troy and Craig. Danny saved Mrs. Troy and Craig from Goths. Scene 2: Mrs Norton died because of working for hours without food or water but still the soldiers are asking people to get back to work. scene 4: scene 3: Mike and Maureen have joined CDT and the councillor is asking them question and now have allowed them to stay. MASADA is planning to attack CDT again and Danny is helping them as he has already went their once. Scene 6: Scene 5: Mike and Maureen have started making workers against CDT when suddenly Laycock come to tell that they are being attacked. MASASA has won and taken over CDT. MASADA is having a introduction with the high officers of CDT.
Scene 1: Act 5: Scene 1: Act 6 Mike and Maureen are getting married. Captain Thiery tells everyone that they will be rescued soon. Rhodes and Walker ran away and have taken all the food storage. Craig has died. Scene 2: Captain Thiery and his team are in MASADA to take control of the area and they are swiss soldiers. There is a fight between MASADA and Captain Thiery's team. Mike and Maureen's baby is died because it had no mouth because of the radiation. Danny, Kim and Ben were out on a walk when they found a cafe. Scene 2: Kim and Danny found a basement full of food. They are collecting the food when Rhodes caomes there and aims the gun at Ben to teach Danny a lesson for not telling him about all the food. Rhodes throw ben down and points and gun at Kim and Danny. Rhodes is about to fire when suddenly Ben hits Rhodes with a can but before fainting Rhodes shot Ben and he died. Danny started crying and remembered the pass when he was scolding Ben and his parents and wished it was all just a dream.
In the end Shadow man is revealed to be Danny and the Old women is Kim. After the war was over Danny has written all of this down.
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