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Bunker Project

Start-Up Pitch Deck

Chris Terral

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of Bunker Project

Bunker Project
Bunker Project Overview
The Problem
Agenda & Company Snapshot
Company Snapshot
Company Snapshot
The Team

Company & Business Details
The Problem
Our Solution
Market Metrics
Business Model
Marketing & Sales

Development Status
Current & Future

Funding Request
Financial Overview
Financing & Use of Proceeds
Our Solution
Market Metrics
Niche Industry: $20B (2013)
High-rate growth year-on-year
Sizable growth over past 10 years and expected over next 10 years

Rated 5th fastest growing employment segment globally
Plunkett Research, Ltd.: http://www.plunkettresearch.com/consulting-market-research/industry-trends
Wall Street Journal: http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2011/05/16/top-10-thriving-industries/
Campus Explorer: http://www.campusexplorer.com/college-advice-tips/65BD38D8/Top-25-Fastest-Growing-Industries/
Wall Street Journal
E-commerce set to increase +9.4% (2010 - 2016)

Fastest growing sectors
Management/HR - 83%
Human Services - 74%
Computer Science/IT - 53%
The concept
Open marketplace, accreditation, and platform integration for all service types.
Business Model
Corporate accounts (Company/EE and recruiting tools)
Our Edge
Open marketplace with lower barrier to entry
Global market and network tracking
Social integration
Store and share
Largely automated, so minimal profile management needed
Tailored insight and push notifications
Marketing and Sales
Drive Sales
YouTube marketing campaign
Promoted videos of ideal members
Positive user experience

LinkedIn, Entrepreneur.com, WSJ, Bloomberg Businessweek
Promotional Strategy
Social media campaign
Facebook (post stories/pictures of ideal members)
Twitter (post company updates)
Word-of-mouth incentives to new/existing users
Benefits: 2 week access to premium accounts and recognition within their network
Development Status
Comprehensive skeleton & Web design
Fed ID
Current Stage
Entering seed funding round
Investment Forecast
Funds covered
Company founders seed money has covered majority of time spent on development
Skeleton/Design, Incorporation, Advisory Fees, & Travel
Funds request
Will sustain growth for 8 months

Use of proceeds
$100,000 (website development and maintenance)
$200,000 (CTO salary)
$40,000 (Legal, Corporate Structuring, Set-up)
$50,000 (Marketing via LinkedIn, Entrepreneur.com, WSJ, Bloomberg Businessweek)
LinkedIn (CPC range = $2 - $3; Account Activity fee = $5)
$210,000 (General working capital and expansion)
We expect to provide an exit within 2 years by dividend of excess profits
1. Fragmented industry leading to high turnover due to strenuous work (60 - 90 hrs/week)

2. Word-of-mouth still heavily relied

3. Drastic rise in demand for specialized knowledge

4. Difficult to stay up-to-date on clients needs

5. Inflexible pricing options
1. A one-stop-shop

2. Automated referring and requesting

3. An open playing field: transparent and competitive marketplace

4. Simpler, organized methods of communication

5. Open marketplace
Notable Advisers

Extensive experience in executing marketing and strategy with Virgin USA, NBC Universal, DirectTV/AT&T and Virgin Unite.
Previous senior strategist to Sephora when working with Bernard Arnoult and Adidas. Responsible for the launch of 400+ products for P&G, Reebok, Gillette, and brand name companies
TCA member, Investment Banker, holder of a Certificate in Negotiation, Arbitration, and Mediation
Founder of online fitness company
Member of CTO group in LA
Senior Consultant at well known consulting group in LA
Founder of successful IPO company
Sales of $2.35MM (Year 1), $8.56MM (Year 2), $27.36MM (Year 3)
Gross Margin higher than 70%
Net Income of 25%+ of sales by year 3
Organization Overview
We envision helping members on a large scale and are beyond excited to see where we can build this with your help!
The idea
A market for like-minded people with same passion.

Target Markets
Ages 30 - 45 with disposable income

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