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Social Media & Nonprofits: Strategies & Tools for Success

Presentation for 2011 USCAL Western Region in San Diego

Paul Lamb

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Social Media & Nonprofits: Strategies & Tools for Success

Why it's important What is social media? Use Wordle to
show who is in the room Listening
social networking We've gone from this... What is appropriate for doing what? How are NPOs using
social media? What is it?
Your strategy
Fundraising A social media play in 3 acts: Who the heck is Paul Lamb? Key Concepts Some people think it's this What are you using? identifying your audience how best to communicate End goal relevant tools your capacity DON'T choose tools first! Integrate with other approaches and tools Facebook Twitter Video pictures Review Strategy share strategy
with audience Fundraising principles Types Website social networking Twitter Email mobile What's hot? Crowdfunding mobile Easy to implement Multiple channels Low cost Learning curve Sample campaigns measure returns critque & prizes Is it right for you? time investment Social Media & Social Media Fundraising for Nonprofits Social Media Straw Poll To this... to this... Blogging Pictures Video Social Networking Virtual interactions Getting ideas out Transparency Sharing relevant information Establishing yourself as expert Finding colleagues Research Interesting info Events Fundraising real time activities Conversations Sharing info Recruiting
stakeholders Updates Fundraising Storytelling Fundraising Creating
awareness -March 2010 Idealware Report Social Media effective for existing relationships & reaching
out to new supporters but not for fundraising Twitter most effective
for reaching new supporters Facebook Most effective for fundraising
(but only by small margin) Don't think of it as this Think of it as This fundraising Definition: Social media is using the Internet to instantly collaborate, share information, and have a conversation about ideas, causes, and organizations we care about powered by social media tools. - WeAreMedia.org Objective Audience Integration Capacity Tools & Tactics Why use Social Media
for fundraising? Go where the
your people are Give people
something to do Give a good reason
for your ask Give multiple
Channel & giving options Provide useful
Information Take advantage of events Follow up
with results Don't pester,
Reward Return is low Online donations
still small ? A. Identify a Need: 1) volunteers 2) staffing 3) improved program
B. Find a partner & discuss
C. Group yourself by category critique these websites Good news:
Lots of options Bad News: Most NPOs have not
raised that much online Email fundraising tips don't ask for $ in first email Minimize $ asks Give repeat funding opps Tie to event tell a story Report back Reward good behavior Resources http://www.neal-schuman.com/snpl#; http://socialnetworkinglibrarian.com/ https://www.library20.org •Research and Learning
•Increase Brand or Issue Awareness
•Reputation management
•Get your fans to talk about you (word of mouth)
•Content Generation
•Increased Relevant Visitor Traffic and Page Rankings
•Take Action (sign petition, send email, leave comment, etc)
•Fundraising Fact: 56% of all content shared online happens via Facebook Fact: there are currently over 156 Million public blogs Fact: 1 Billion tweets sent every week Fact: The #1 most popular YouTube video of all time (Justin Bieber) garnered over half a Billion views • More than 70 percent of respondents saw a significant increase in traffic to their websites because of their Facebook presence.
• About 66 percent of respondents from advocacy
organizations saw an increase in people taking
some noticeable form of action, like signing
a petition.
-February 2011 Idealware report Event notifications Is Facebook good for fundraising? Only about 40% reported success converting Facebook fans into donors or volunteers.
just 29%saw an increase in donations -Feb 2011 Idealware report Key Question: How will it help you Communicate,
Connect your Community, and Call People to Action? http://centrolatinoliteracy.org/index.html What do you want to accomplish
with social media? Your strategy? Reasonable Cost Guidelines for Solicitation Activities What approaches do you use? What is your SM
Fundraising Strategy? How should it figure into your general social media strategy? Takeways match fundraising
tools with audience Integrate Baby steps Complement Make it easy for your users What else do you want to learn? Agenda http://www.national-coalition-literacy.org/index.html Conversations Fundraising recruiting volunteers Conversations with stakeholders
and partners Brand awareness Understanding
audience It's not a numbers game It's a conversation http://www.proliteracy.org/ Collaboration Keep conversations active
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