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No description

Sukhsahij Gill

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Ecstasy

• Also known as MDMA
Ecstasy is also a shortened version of the real name
Many Street names: Molly, Love Drug, X, Hug Drug, Beans, etc.
Referred to as the "club drug"
Most of the street names are based on the effects it gives the user

Medical Use
First created in 1912 by Merck pharmaceutical company
Used in 1953 by US Army for psychological warfare testing
Originally developed as diet aid
Used experimentally by health professionals- couples counseling

Why People Take It And the effects they seek
Has mood improving qualities
Because it is a stimulant it gives the user a "high" feeling
Produces an ecstatic high lasting 3 to 4 hours
Makes user emotionally and physically hyped state
Makes users temporarily empathic
Stimulate and give hallucinations
Gives a person a feeling of carelessness and freedom
Started being used in parties in 1970 because of these qualities

• Classified as an entactogen drug- stimulate and give hallucinations to people
• Also has mood improving qualities
• Has effects similar to stimulants
• Makes a person feel like everyone’s their friend
• Started being used in parties in 1970 because of the desired effects
• Produces a ecstatic high lasting 3-4 hours
• Makes users temporarily empathic
• Emotionally relaxed and physically hyped state
How the drug introduced into the body

•Comes in varieties of forms
• Mostly in 60-120 mg pills
• Pills or tablets are usually stamped with symbols (clovers, smiley face, etc.)
• Powder and capsules as well
• Symbols used as underground brand names or to identify marker
• Occasionally injected or snorted
• There is also Liquid Ecstasy which really is GHB
• Usually most of these forms do not even contain actual ecstasy

Short- term side effects
• After drug wears off user becomes depressed because of decreased serotonin levels (hormone found in digestive and central nervous system)-this is usually day after day
• Many of the Ecstasy pills are not truly MDMA, usually laced with other drugs such as heroin, cocaine, etc. (This creates more long term and short term damages that are similar to what other drugs possess)
• Can give heatstroke (hypothermia)-Primary causes of deaths from the drug
• Nausea and blurred vision
• Dehydration
• Sweating and chills
• Decreased appetite
• Faintness and Muscle tension
• As well as teeth clenching
• This drug tends to raise your heart rate and body temperature because of a release of norepinephrine
• Blood pressure increases
• Confusion and paranoia
• Users are more prone to risky behavior when taking drug- binge drinking, smoking, etc.

Long-term side effects

Since it decreases serotonin levels-impairs brain to learn
Toxic to brain(Impairs memory and functioning abilities as well- memory loss)
Psychotic problems- Disturbing emotional reactions, sleep problems, anxiety, hallucinations, delusions
Creates drug cravings
Hemorrhaging- bleeding
Degenerates nerve branches and endings
Organ damage - liver and kidney damage

How Addictive is Ecstasy?

Can be addicting because when used it creates a short term high that a person may want to feel over and over to get away from reality
Effect of ecstasy is greatly reduced after taking it once- body comes into state of tolerance
Since Ecstasy has traces of other drugs user becomes addicted to multiple drugs at once
Legal Implication


• Illegal drug
• Large prison sentences and fines
• Possession of MDMA-can lead to 7 years in jail
• Trafficking and producing the drug can lead life imprisonment

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