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Organisational Development

No description

Karyce Maitland

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Organisational Development

Organisational Development Contents Organisational Development

Definitions of OD

The growth of OD

OD and Science

The role of the OD practitioner

What skills are necessary to ensure the organisation moves forward?


References Organisational Development (OD) 'OD is a complex educational strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values and structures of organisations so that they can better adapt to new technologies markets and challenges and the 'dizzying' rate of change itself.' 1988 'OD is the activities engaged in by mangers employees and helpers that are directed
toward building and maintaining
the 'health' of the organisation
as a total system. ' 'OD is the system-wide application of behavioural science knowledge to the
planned development and reinforcement
of organisational strategies,
structures and processes for
improving an organisations effectiveness.' 1997 2010 1969 Warren Bennis Schein Cummings and Worley 'OD is a dynamic values based approach to systems change in organisations and communities, it strives to build the capacity to achieve and
sustain a new desired state that benefits
the organisation or community
and the world around them.' OD Network Definitions of Organisational Development The growth of OD The Changing Business Environment Ageing Workforces Becoming less coherent...

... moving away from original threads World of fast and
complex change

2000+ Technological
Advances Recession Climate change and sustainability Globalisation - Communications
- Social Media
- Markets = Virtual OD is moving away from the themes noticeable in earlier definitions

Healthy organisation The shift in the understanding
of definitional elements Thomas Cummings Francis et al (2012) Do you think it is right to
compare OD to medical science? OD and Science 'Because OD is an action science, it will continue to grow and evolve as it helps organisations change and improve. As organisations face new challenges OD will create new methods and applications. It will draw on new concepts and approaches to guide future practice.' Likens OD to the field of medical science

Range of practitioners (homeopathy)
Specialising in required treatments The role
of the
OD Practitioner Capacity Building Techniques OD Services Areas will consider: 'OD practitioners are hired to help managers address issues, problems and opportunities related to people their social systems and their interactions'

Francis et al (2012) Support managers/organisations in
managing change

Humanist Values
-Authenticity Committed to improving organisational health effectiveness & performance

Take a holistic view of the organisation Change behaviour of members

Respond effectively to change

Enhance performance of organisation Value, role and responsibilities Action research/learning Culture analysis Change management/conflict management Executive coaching and development Organisational assessments/(re)design Team building/development What skills are necessary
to ensure the
organisation moves forward? Systematic methods Intervention Summary Process consulting Which level needs to be improved? Individual level
Management level
Group level
Whole organisation level Source: (Francis et al, 2012) The business model and strategy

The business systems

The structures and policies and procedures

The business processes

How organisational performance is managed/measured

The styles and methods of leadership and management of the organisation Engagement + Satisfaction

= Effectiveness and Performance Concept of satisified employees
is the business rationale that
drives the work of
OD consultants. Conclusion OD is carried out a
whole systems level How do you interpret OD? Appreciative inquiry
Four phase approach Discover Dream Design Deliver - Establishment of relationship with key individuals within organisation -Assessment of organisation - Identifying where the need for 'intervention' is - Application of necessary intervention - Evaluation of ongoing results in regards to effectiveness Galbraiths 5-star model Strategy Structure Processes Rewards People Direction Power Information Motivation Skills/mindsets - Appreciative inquiry - Process consulting - Galbraiths 5 star model Which method do you consider most beneficial to organisation development? Gaining the correct skills
to over come organisational challenges in
regards to change = an organisation ready to grow The Future of OD References Francis, H. Holbeche, L. Reddington,M (2012). People and organisation development. London: Chartered institute of Personnel and development. 43-63.

Cacioppe, R. Edwards, M (2005). Seeking the Holy Grail of organisational development. Leadership and organisation. 26, 86-104.

TenDam, H. (1986). Beyond organisation development. 7,5 , 8-15
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