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Copy of Should Exotic Animals be Kept as Pets?

No description

Juwayriah Wright

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Should Exotic Animals be Kept as Pets?

Should Exotic Animals be
Kept as Pets? By Juwayriah Wright Woman mauled by Chimpanzee in 2009 People are killed and injured by exotic animals
every year.
The owners of exotic animals believe their pets adore them, and would never hurt them. Animals Carry: Herpes
Monkey Pox A larger animal requires:
A lot of space
A sturdy cage
Some form of a toy or friend. Buying the animal is even more expensive, and hard to get. One should not pay that much out of their paycheck when they could set the animal free or donate it to the zoo. Yes, some Exotic pets are relatively harmless... But that does not mean they should not be set free. The laws restricting exotic pets
are surprisingly sparse. In Florida, with the right permit, you can own cougars, wolves, howler monkeys, and certain types of alligators.
In some states, there are no restrictions at all. Current laws should be made stricter. The laws do not even have to completely restrict exotic animals, but certain species such as alligators, snakes, big cats, or any other completely deadly animal. If this occurs, People can be able to live in a much more secure environment. It could potentially save the people's -- and animal's -- lives. She was blinded, lost both hands and underwent a face transplant after being mauled.
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