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STEM careers tour on climate change

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on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of STEM careers tour on climate change

Research -Investigation
Interdisciplinary STEM subjects of curriculum

Open-ended exploration in examining books and other on line sources of information to see what is already know about climate change.
Examples :
Geography/Geology : Mapping temperature and how our world is changed.
Chemistry : Gas emissions of greenhouse effect
Physics : Radiation in atmosphere and physics law explain why temperature is growing up
Biology: what are consequences on human health of climate change.

Investigation: Apply rigorous math and science content your students are learning
On-line interactive computer models allow you to play with the physics and chemistry behind the global warming forecast.
Contention graphical representation of function to explain climate change


What we have to do to protect our planet of climate change?

Brainstorming ideas

Take a STEM role job to save planet of climate change


Identify the problem
STEM careers tour on climate change

Science Students' STEM club take a role on future jobs to save the planet of climate change

Inquiry project based learning process to study a real world problem.
Collect, identify and record; through maps and images they examine the significant differences in the environment in the recent years
Use digital tools for processing data of climate parameters / variables associated with the climate change
Explore the scientific field of knowledge to examine ways of solving the problem.
Take a role of scientist to make decision on the problem.
Subjects : STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) , biology, chemistry, geography.

Does our planet change?
What does it mean climate change
What does it mean green house effect?
Explore evidence presented the changes in our planet
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