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About me

30 things about me

mandk eanda

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of About me

About me I'm a Disney freak I'm a perfectionist I love music Some of my favorite bands are...........

Panic at the disco
The Used
My Chemical Romance
saosin I've skied for 5 years I read about 4 books a month My birthday is November 4, 1995 I was born in Lakewood, Ohio. I am addicted to Cherry Coke Wearing sweatpants bothers me I like to put stuff off until the last minute My sister is a DEMON I own a Great Dane named Lilly I have a odd fear of test crash dummies My favorite animal is a Hedgehog My favorite color is eggplant My favorite movie of all time is Toy Story I live with my mom,dad,and sister I can draw some Disney characters free hand like eve form wall-e
and Mickey Mouse My favorite subject in school is math i read about 4 books a month i have memorized the first
18 digets of pi I like to collect things form the places
i travel. Compared to the rest of my family im really short. If i could go anywere in the world it would be
India. My most prized thing i own is my ipod. i am a very organized person in the morning i usally drink about
4 cups of coffee. i have a list of about 50 cds i want and it keeps growing bigger. my favorite quote is
"all our deams can come true as long as we have the
courage to pursue them"
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