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30 things about me

No description

Logan Gray

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of 30 things about me

30 things about me. #1. Im a pyromaniac I love fire!!! The creator of this video is
not responsible for any
accidents during the
presentation #2 I'm a Jets fan They should have won the super bowl. #3 Im a nintendo fan #4. I think nike is awesome #5 I love soccer #6 I'm a pokemon nerd #7 I love bad weather #8 I want to learn Japanese # 9 I snowboarded once and thought it was awesome #10 Last year I went to New York City and thought... DANG!!! Those buildings are freaking tall. #11 I have a dream... where someday i will be able to dunk a basketball #12 I'm good at building legos #13 I own a Bull Snake #14 I love any type of climbing especially rock climbing #15 I love Computers and want to figure out how they work #16 I some what play the guitar #17 I think abstract art is awesome #18 I love to read #19 I Can create my own sprites of pokemon by mixing them + = #20 I love fireworks... especially the BIG ones! :D #21 I think bloons tower defense 4 is awesome #22 I have a facebook and I think its better than all the other social networks #23 I wish I could go to Game Stop more often #24 Chuck Norris is awesome. #25 I love salt and vinegar chips. #26 I think Afv is a good show #27 I might sky dive one day when Im old, retired, and completely nuts. #28 I use Axe dark temptation deodarent #29 I want an xbox #30 I think call of duty is awesome even though I only played it once
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