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Korean Girl Bands

Presentation of how Korean uses US band group dynamics

Theus Villaplaza

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Korean Girl Bands

Double click anywhere & add an idea KOREA AND THEIR GIRL GROUPS AND BOY BANDS KOREA INTERNATIONAL HISTORY!!!!! Japan gets Korea
1903 5th industry Exhibition House of People
1910 Forced Annexation Communist North Korea attacks South Korea US comes to South Korea to repel communists Korean War After Korean War WWII
US Vs JAPAN Japan subujation Music Industry in South Korea DSP SM YG JYP Why Language Class?
Some members not from Korea
Language is focused on target countries
Korean Groups in Japan Peldis Korean group in USA Wonder Girls
started Feb 2009
"Nobody" Kara
not planned by company
Fans in Japan a huge push for success (Bi) Rain
Ninja Assassin Hallyu Wave
Popularity of Korean entertainment outside of Korea
K-Dramas such as Stairway to Heaven, Boys Over Flowers Kara Album covers March 2007 July 2008 Feb 2009 July 2009 Feb 2010 The Internet's Influence Negative
Netizens more critical of group members
Embarassing pictures
Netizens look at members past Eg. Sandara Park of 2NE1 4 years later In Korea In Philippines Positive Aspects
International Fans translate Korean to other Languages
Free advertisments
creates more international fans
My Argument South Korea copies American Pop groups Members are in Variety shows and other activities Seoul: Capital of Republic of Korea
one of the largest cities in the world
South Korean Music Industries copy and change
American ideals in music. This is ironic for Korea
because history has been subjugate of both Japan
and US. The music industries targets are inside
and outside the country. These groups popularity
outside increase the money coming into South Korea. Around the military bases, Camptowns were created
Served as R&R for soldiers
Women who work here called "Western Sluts"
After a few years... SNSD KARA The target audience is actual all Koreans, from
the youngest to oldest male and female including
middle age men. oppa: older brother How do these women embrace US pop culture without its negative consequences as Korean Camptown Women? through the use of media (in the case
above variety shows) allows female
idols to maintain a postive image. "Invincible Youth"
Girl group members on a farm These idols are able to maintain a balance
American and Korean cultures through use
of Korean Variety shows

their company did not plan to advertise Kara in Japan.
based on fans
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