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The Cherokee

by Chelsea & Leon for 6th Period Honors American Literature

Chelsea P

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of The Cherokee

The Cherokee
Where Were They Located:
They lived in the Southeast region of North America.
They were mainly located in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.
Everyday Life:
The Cherokee lived in villages. Around 400-500 people would leave in each village. They would have 30-60 homes as well as a plaza, town square, and council house. They had a summer village and winter village.

The women would do most of the farming and gardening, as well as crafts, cooking, and clothing.

The men did the hunting and fishing.
Major Beliefs & Practices:
The Cherokee believed the numbers 4 and 7 were very important.
Four represents east, west, north, and south. Seven represents the seven cherokee heavens/clans.

They worshipped the sun and prayed to it for good crops. they would also hold a new moon festival to honor the moon. they believed nature was very sacred and "godly."
The Cherokee Indians believed in an after life and if you behaved right that you would go to a heavenly place. Those who had behaved wrongly would be sent to a bad place and face torture. They believed there were seven heavens, with the "Supreme Being" residing in the first heaven.

Appearance / Clothing:
The Cherokee mainly wore clothing made from animal hide and it was accompanied by many colorful feathers. Depending on what season it was, they could be heavily dressed or lightly dressed. They were mostly covered.
Weapons and Tools:
They mainly used arrows for weapons and hunting. They would use deer antlers to shape the arrowheads out of flint. They used stone for weapons, tools, tomahawks, and battle hammers as well.
They would sometimes use blowguns for small game.
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by Leon & Chelsea
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