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Northwest Haida Pit Burials - Michael Reid

pit burial

Michael Reid

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Northwest Haida Pit Burials - Michael Reid

Pacific Northwest HAIDA PIT BURIALS The burial pit was mainly done by the Haida Tribe. A burial pit is a pit where dead bodies were thrown to keep evil spirits away. The burial pit was behind the village and left uncovered If you were highly recognized in the tribe then your were buried in small wooden box. The people who were buried in
the small wooden boxes were people
like shamans, warriors and chiefs. But the people who were put in the
small wooden box had to be beaten with
clubs until they fit into the box The wooden box was then placed on top of the villages totem pole in front of the longhouse to protect the spirits on their journey to the after life. Bibliography:
Schafer, Yulee. <www.mygriefbook.com/blog/pit-burial-of-pacific-northwest-haida.cfm>.

"Haida Shaman." <www.firstpeople.us/pictures/art/odd-sizes/ls/Haida-Shamans-800x551.jpg>.

<www.vanessexpressions.com/images/Images%20for%20Gallery/Decorative%20Boxes/Small-Oak-Box-w-Lt-Cherry.jpg>. The Haida tribe is a northwest pacific indian tribe. They primarily lived on the Haida Gwaii archipelago. The english Haida word is from their native word Xayda which means person. The haida tribe was said to have come from Asia. The haida tribe was discovered about 200 years ago by European traders, the haida were both peaceful and friendly.
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