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A Guide to the Common Core Writing Workshop

No description

Lillian Galicia

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of A Guide to the Common Core Writing Workshop

Summer Institute 2013 Units of Study:
A Common Core Writing Workshop Curriculum By the end of today you'll leave with an understanding of components, structure, and benefits of the Common Core Writing Workshop and using the Lucy Calkins Curriculum. AND A vision for what your own writing long term plan will look like in the fall and what steps you’ll take to get it to that point. T-Chart
In your classroom...
Video- In a Lucy Calkins classroom... What did we notice? Connecting and Reflecting Let's Discuss
Structure of the lessons
Overview of the unit

Read through on your own

Partner- Rehearsal Protocols

Ticket to Lunch:
How can I prepare for launching session 1?
What do I need to deliver a lesson? Deep Dive Into Unit 1 Best Practices Team Planning
Here are some ideas for discusssion:
Instructional Calendar
Curriculum Map
Unit Plans
Supply Lists
Plan for assessments
Dates for Norming Meetings
Team Non-negotioables Vision and Action Plan The Goal What are the benefits? Let's read Chapter 1 of "A Guide to the Common Core Writing Workshop."
Why is writing our focus for the 2013-2014 school year?
Sticky Noticings!
Let's talk about it! Materials Walk What is in my kit?
Materials List
Scavenger Hunt and Exploration
Writing Pathways
Resources CD 15 Minute Break Lunch Break: Meet Back In 1 Hour Non-Negotiables Writing instruction happens as often as it does in Reading and Math
3 On-Demand writing assessments are given pre: beginning of the year; post: after each unit of study
Holding Grade Level Norming Meetings with Student Sample Reviews
Portfolios should include: K-6 writing progression (untouched, as a reference for parents); On-Demand pre and post assessments; published piece for each unit, student checklists for each unit
Grade-level rubrics will be completed for each pre-and post on-demand assessment. Rubrics will stay internal and may be shared with parents at conferences.

*Volume. Volume= practice. Can refer to how many times you practice a certain teaching point, instead of volume of each specific piece.
*Classroom set-up.
-individual writing tool box
-students can sit around the classroom, not always in desks
-meeting space for mini-lessons
-low-lights, music playing, calm environment
- conferencing: individuals or in small groups based on need
- using checklists to define areas of need
- having specific goal(s) for each day of writing
- publishing at the end of each unit

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