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Biometric Technology Prezi

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Nick Pope

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Biometric Technology Prezi

Nick Pope , Alexis Stolte ,
Kianna Lamb , Jaylsa Tipton Biometric Technology Inc. Our goal is to provide peace of mind as efficiently as possible. Mission Statement Day cares' use finger scanners when the parents get their child
Doctors use finger scanner to
identify the child with parent
Schools use scanners for the parent to get there child from school
Nursing homes use scanners so the patients don't get out
Success Story The number one ethical concern is privacy. Some people don't like to be recognized at certain times, for legitimate reasons. After birth, the mother’s hand print is scanned and the baby’s foot is scanned and matched together

The mother also has her finger scanned on an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on a wrist cuff

The cuff is then attached to the child’s wrist

To take the child out of the hospital the mother and baby have their hand and foot scanned again to confirm a match

The mother also has to scan her finger on the wrist cuff before it will release and be taken of the baby Security Plan Outline The hand scanner is essentially a digital camera, a touch board with pegs to line up the fingers and a computer with software to translate the characteristics into a code.
The system works by one placing their hand on the touch pad and align their fingers with the pegs on the board. A camera underneath the board takes several images of the hand and shadows to determine characteristics of the hand. This includes length, width, thickness and curvature of the hands, fingers and knuckles. All that information is placed into a numerical template and compared to other templates. Hand Scanner Science The ultrasonic finger scanners use high frequency sound waves to take images past the epidermal layer of the skin. Because the dermis has the same characteristics of the epidermal layer, the scanner does not require the top layer of skin to be in condition. This eliminates poorly read images and false rejects due to scaring or unclean hands. Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner Science Accuracy The ultrasonic fingerprint readers are the only existing fingerprint reader that accurately read almost every fingerprint. They capture highly detailed images of the fingerprint and gives consistently high identification results. The scanner can match individuals against a data base with statistics close to 100% and are foolproof for practical purposes. The ultrasonic fingerprint readers are fast and reliable Ultrasonic Fingerprint Hand Scanners Hand scanners make the right match 95 to 98 percent of the time. The accuracy of this depends, however, on the condition of the skin, gender and racial characteristics http://science.howstuffworks.com/biometrics.htm http://pcworld.about.net/news/May182005id120889.htm http://biometric-solutions.com/devices/index.php?story=fingerprint_reader http://www.ultra-scan.com/Default.aspx?tabid=511 How easy is it to beat the system? In some cases it can be easy
to beat the system with biometrics
technology, but in most cases it's not.
With hand geometry a person can make a mold of a hand using chromatic dental alginate and vinyl polysiloxane. Conclusion Questions In some cases it can be easy
to beat the system with biometrics
technology, but in most cases its not.
A person's fingerprints remain constant throughout life. A hand geometry scanner can work in harsh environment, they don't require clean conditions, and it forms a very small data set. With fingerprint scanner. When they find a faster way to process DNA it will be more accurate. The more biometrics technology Is used publicly the easier it will become to invade
someone's privacy. With the public technology available such as laptops/computers/, credit card scanners, phones, etc. its easy to invade someone's privacy and steal someone's identity. With more technology being more widely
used its just inviting thiefs in to take things easier. Privacy Issues
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