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Demystifying 211

An in-depth look at the history, purpose and operating function of 211.

211 Orange County

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Demystifying 211

What is 211? In The Beginning 2-1-1 serves over 260 million Americans (more than 86% of the entire population) covering all or part of all 50 states (including 34 states with 90%+ coverage) plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico. In Canada, more than 56% of the population has access to 2-1-1. 2-1-1 Orange County The knowledge, resources, and leadership of key national organizations are vital to achieving our 2-1-1 vision. The Alliance of Information & Referral
Systems (AIRS) and the United Way Worldwide have partnered to play a major role in the 2-1-1 movement. 2-1-1 Orange County Board
•We strive for excellence
•Customer service is our primary focus
•We are an inclusive/county-wide, multi-cultural service
•We value volunteer service
•We value partnerships and collaborations with like-minded agencies and organizations
•We are an equal opportunity employer
•We value the skills of our board members to fulfill our mission 211 OC- By the Numbers Greater access to community services can change the lives of those that need help. Similarly, by increasing the visibility and access to mechanisms through which
Americans can offer help – through volunteering, giving money, or contributing in-kind goods and services – the sheer amount of giving help resources can increase. In July 2000, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) assigned a three-digit dialing code, 2-1-1 to be used exclusively for community information and referral purposes. This easy-to-remember, universal number that connects individuals with community resources provides a simple solution for more
people to find help or give help in their communities. Support Partners
Allergan Foundation
City of Anaheim
City of Laguna Niguel
City of Mission Viejo
Barefoot Wine & Bubbly
California Department of Health (CalFresh)
Funders Roundtable
Jacquelyn Bogue Foundation
Kenny the Printer Newport Beach Winery & Vineyard
OC Partnership Wells Fargo Foundation
Orange County Community Foundation
Silver Moon Photography
Silver Trumpet Restaurant & Bar
Guiding Principles 2-1-1 Orange County has its roots in a prior organization known as Info Link Orange County, which in turn grew out of an Irvine, California-based group called People for Irvine Community Health, established in 1984.

In 2005, the California Public Utilities Commission designated Info Link Orange County as the 2-1-1 service provider for the county, which later became
2-1-1 Orange County. Get Connected, Get Answers Demystifying 211 2-1-1 OC is Orange County's Comprehensive Information & Referral System.

Our mission is to help people find the help they need. Answers over 84,000 calls per yr
Yearly avg speed to answer: approx 4 mins
Yearly avg talk time:
approx 6 mins Highest call day- Monday
Lowest Call day- Friday Tops Needs: Shelter/Housing/Motels, Rent/Utility Assistance, Food, Physical/Emotional Health
Top Cities: Anaheim, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Fullerton 22 FT/PT paid employees
Approx. 8 volunteers at a time
1 AmeriCorps VISTA member What happens when I call 2-1-1? Information is available online, by phone or email Avail 24/7
Open 365 days a year Trained professional Information & Referral Specialists respond to calls and email inquiries
Empathetic & culturally proficient
Nationally Certified (by AIRS and ASIST)
Intensive training, Coaching, Professional Development

1- Simply dial three digits (2-1-1),
select from options:
2-1-1 OC for Information & Referrals
Help Me Grow for children
birth-5 with developmental,
behavioral or learning concerns
2- Approx Average Speed to Answer: approx 4 mins
3- Enter ANY phone number, the
system will save your place in queue and
call you back when it's your turn!
4- Over 170 languages available What to expect when talking to 2-1-1 OC We'll do a short Intake/Assessment (about 90 secs)
We ask questions for 2 reasons:

-To determine your needs, and eligibility & suitability for available services
-To provide demographic data to potential funders of new services to meet your needs What happens after the initial intake? -Your I&R Specialist will search for services
Continue to ask you service-specific questions
Pre-screen you for eligibility (so you don't go somewhere that can't serve you) - Make referrals
About 3 referrals for each need
You can expect to be talking to the Specialist for about 5-8 minutes (more or less, depending on your needs and the services available) - You may choose to receive a follow-up call
To see if you got the help you needed
Or if you need additional referrals or advocacy to remove barriers to service The 3 E's of Using 2-1-1 Get the most out of your 2-1-1 experience Educate
211 is anonymous and confidential
Know what's going to happen (follow ups, wait time, assessment, referrals, etc.) Encourage
Tell the whole story
There is help for your situation if you reach out Empower
Call in for yourself, if you are able
Have someone call on your behalf and follow-through 2-1-1 Resource Database Comprehensive, Current, Accurate, Consistent, Culturally-Proficient and Cutting-Edge Staff dedicated to being "in the know"
-Certified Resource Specialists maintain robust relationships with agencies in our database, so we have current info
"All eyes on deck": We welcome feedback from anyone in the community
We employ national standards and best practices
We coordinate resources & the community to imporve the service landscape in our county Get Connected. Get Answers. Get the most out of your call to 2-1-1 Tell the "whole story"
-The more we know about your situation,
the better we can find referrals to match
Remember: Your call is confidential; you can choose to remain anonymous
If you don't get help from the agencies we refer, you can call us back, and we can advocate on your behalf, or provide alternate options -www.AIRS.org (2012) Primary Supporters Children & Families Commission
Orange County United Way
County of Orange - OC Community Resources 211 OC Milestones Irvine, California-based group called People for Irvine Community Health, established in 1984 The California Public Utilities Commission designated Info Link Orange County as the 2-1-1 service provider for the county. The organization formally changed its name to 2-1-1 Orange County. 2005 2006 1984
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