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Justine Wilson

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Education

Split Critical Thinking on E.Singleton, From Command to Constructivism. How has school curriculum changed and progressed?

Are PE teachers now valued more? Military Aspects Theories of Play TGfU SUCCESS! Summary What and Why? Our Response From Command to Constructivism: Canadian Secondary School Physical Education Curriculum and Teaching Games for Understanding - Highly relevant to PE
- Focuses on issues which are current in our course
- Sparked discussion *Explores how Canadian PE teachers are viewed/status in curriculum.

*Links this with how students were taught and how they learned in the past, in comparison to now.

*She suggests many aspects that could play a part in both points. (Military Aspects, Gender Split, Theories of Play and TGfU).

*Methods of challenging tradition. - Came up with two focus questions
- Change in PE/Status of teachers
- Picked out main points: Military aspects, theories of play, gender split and TGfU.
- Agree/Disagree with Singleton
- Related them to our two questions. Gender Split Singleton Says... I believe... What's changed? PE Teachers Big and.... ... small Singleton discusses... What's changed? I believe... Military
Aspects Singleton Says.... I Believe... How did it Develop? The history of Play Arguments for Play -PE emerged from military drills
-Students organized in lines
-Followed commands from teachers
-Based on military model
-Disciplined and controlled students
-PE viewed as the "the other" Arguments against Play - creativity
- critical experiences - lack of structure
- lack of academia -Ancient Greek 2500-2000BC-
War, Hunting and Sport was way of life
-1870 military practice introduced to schools
-Aim to improve physical attributes for war
-1902- Model Course of Training
-Recommended not compulsory Play should be provided in P.E. As important as other subjects Pupils develop socially, cognitively, physically and emotionally through Play/P.E. Not un-structured, teacher creates playful environment -Disciplines and controls students
-Allows all students to be active
-Provides students with physical activity
-Easy for teachers to teach
-Easy for students of any ability/age
-Allows students to focus-difficult to be distracted Development of PE and the cfe -Provides developmental appropriate lessons- all students needs met
-Provides several pedagogical approaches- peer learning, guided discovery
-Teacher acts as facilitator to students learning
-Outcomes and experiences for each lesson
-More than just physical activity- 4capacities
-PE become part of curriculum Previously very structured, teacher says and pupil does. Pupil encouraged to discover, find their own answers Links to CfE... Theories
of Play Develops the 4 capacities in learners Provides the learner with meaningful experiences Encourages the learner to take control of own learning Looked at how curriculum has changed (cfe) Singleton had no personal opinion- gave our own opinions Conclusion How value of PE as a whole has changed over-time How value of PE teachers has changed Compared similarities of past curriculum and cfe Singleton discusses... I believe... Links to CfE... TGfU Learn through Games, not drills Links to past experiences positive experiences for pupils TGFU is important, should be used gives pupil responsibility and engages them. harder for the teacher but worthwhile. aims to provide positive expeiences for learners looks beyond school years, aims to create lifelong learners experiences that develop all 4 capacities. - Sing. examines opportunities and what could hinder these.

- Wright (1996) "regimes of truth"/biological factors and science.

- Most sports in the past were viewed as very masculine/females discouraged regardless of interest.

- Image and conformity played a part for males and females.

- Obvious that girls were not happy, and both genders were interested in a range of sports. this was disregarded by teachers in the past.

- Segregation in teaching and not only students/influenced children's views. - Disagree with Singleton, in the way she is almost encouraging a gender split.

- In my own teaching practice, gender will not be an issue.

- Ways round it, modern teachers should be able to work around biological differences and focus on equality and and sportsmanship. (Options, - PE Zumba)

- Singleton speaks of disregarding females, not unlike Darling.

- We need to understand that peer pressure will be an issue but its about overcoming this and creating a teaching environment were students feel comfortable to participate in what they enjoy.

- Equality needs to be a main focus, which Sing. mentions but doesn't fully believe as Green (2008) Understanding Physical Education discusses how the needs and development of your students is essential howver Sing. only briefly mentions this. - Introduction of CfE brought about several changes with regards to gender. ( Better than Canadian curriculum)

- Health and well being, teachers and students more open minded and are positive about changes to activities.

- Pulling away from traditional/old fashioned curriculum.

- Promoting outcomes with are child centered which minimizes the chance of segregated classes. Fairer for everyone! - Looking at the status of PE teachers in terms of gender.

- We know that male teachers were always well respected due to old fashioned views.

- Women were expected to have basic knowledge but were never equal.

- Now both go through exactly the same education (Just like our course).

- Job discrimination/Gender is not considered, knowledge and potential is.

- Status and value of PE teachers has increased over the years as both genders make up the teaching of this subject. (like English or Maths).

- Having male and female teachers also enhances views of students as teachers are better respected. (Role models).
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