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Introduction to 5BUS1175: Event Planning & Community Engagement

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Allan Jepson

on 24 January 2018

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Transcript of Introduction to 5BUS1175: Event Planning & Community Engagement

To Event Planning, Design & Community Engagement (5BUS1105)

Dr Allan. S. Jepson BA(Hons), MA, MPhil, PhD, FHEA

Senior Lecturer & Researcher in Event Studies
Vice Chair - Association of Events Management Education (AEME)
Today's Session

The Module & it's Raison d'être
Personal Achievement
Where do you want to get too? & How will you get there?
Assessment (100% CW)
2 x Pieces of assessment

Assessment 1 (30% Weighting)
Group Feasibility Report (Pre-Event) 1000 Words
Friday 3rd March 2017 by 11pm

Assessment 2 (70% weighting)
Critical Reflective report on event performance and self & Individual Activity Log (To start when the group begins their first meeting, submitted as an appendix)
Hand-in Friday 28th April 2017 by 11pm

The Module & it's Raison d'être

A reflexive & Exploratory module
Emphasis on your self motivation & Professionalism
Allows networking and developing stakeholder relationships

'Work within a cohesive team, and with a charity or voluntary organisation to produce a local cultural or sporting event that creates a positive impact on the local community it serves'

The module will help you to:

Try out your event planning, design, and analysis skills
Work professionally with multiple stakeholders
Understand the needs of a local community
Set event aims and objectives and strategies to achieve them
Learn about yourself and the skills you need to work on to become and excellent event manager and reflexive practitioner

Assessment 1: Group Feasibility Report

This assignment has been designed to allow you the opportunity to produce a professional event feasibility report as you would be expected to do within the events industry. In preparing this report your group should be demonstrating your understanding of the local community, the stakeholders involved in the event and the strategic planning process in carrying out event objectives to achieve the wider aim(s) of the event.
Assessment 2. - Critical Event Report & Individual Activity Log

This assignment has been designed to allow you the opportunity to produce a critical evaluation report of your events performance and areas which need improvement in regards its stated Aim and Objectives

This should lead to practical recommendations for future improvement of the event and also future self-development. You should also be thinking about the contribution the event has made to the local community it was designed to serve.

whilst the Individual log detailing your contribution, actions and actions to the event planning and delivery of a local community event of your choosing. In preparing this individual logbook you are advised to concentrate on how you made decisions, problem solved and recorded your responsibilities within the event.
Examples of Charitable and Voluntary Organisations

Marie Curie Cancer care (Herts)
Herts Action on disability
Macmillan (Herts)
Europe week - Contact Final Year Event Mangement students
Students Union
Youth and Sport Partnership (Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council)
Oxfam (oxjam events, etc)
Grove House
MS Society
Noah's Ark
Current Research developed over 10 year period Informed and created this module...
Power in community Engagement
decision making in community events
Modelling Community Engagement
Sustainable communities
MOA model
Self Efficacy
Happy New Year! &
Welcome back to Uni
Key Date: Monday 6th Feruary

Third Sector / Charity Networking hour
Use your time wisely, Network, pick your Organisation to work with
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