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What would happen if Columbus never found America?

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kim tran

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of What would happen if Columbus never found America?

What Would Happen If Columbus Never Found America? By Kim This is what some people think will happen :) But this it what I think fjfsdfgsdf Sooner or later, someone else would find it. But the Columbian Exchange would probably not happen and that would be a major problem. Without it, there would be no oranges in Florida, no bananas in Ecuador, no paprika in Hungary, no tomatoes in Italy, no coffee in Colombia, no pineapples in Hawaii, no rubber trees in Africa, no cattle in Texas, no donkeys in Mexico, no chili peppers in Thailand and India, no cigarettes in France, and no chocolate in Switzerland. The dandelion was brought to America by Europeans for use as an herb.
The Native Americans would probably live longer because there would be no germs or deases to killed them. Cuba, South America and others islands near there won't be found The End
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