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Ideas Capture

No description

Charlotte Fisher

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Ideas Capture

Ideas Capture
September 2014

Innovation Metrics
Premium Core
Next Steps
Exploratory: Liquid Cartons
Project: Barbara
Project: Rex
Exploratory: Additive Manufacturing
Project: Crow
Project: Jagger
Exploratory: Spent Grain Paper
Where are we now?
Innovation will continue to be a major driving force for Diageo into the future. However we will be required to continually drive this and continue to measure our effectiveness.

We do have delivery metrics within our commercialisations team however, we don’t track how effective our suppliers are at bringing innovation to us, if they are bringing it to us first to give us the competitive advantage or how much time they are dedicating to our requirements.

Proposed Metrics
We want these metrics not only to track innovation but to:
Drive ideas,
Drive Behaviours, and
Drive results

• # of ideas circulated to senior teams

• # of ideas taken into production

• # of new suppliers with new capabilities brought in

• Speed of development reductions through new ideas
External at Suppliers
• # of scalable ideas per annum

• # of scalable and exclusive to Diageo ideas per annum

• % of revenue from Diageo vs dedicated R&D spend

Internal to Diageo
Initially starting with our Key and Partner suppliers in F15 and being managed off line.

Bi-annual reviews to be held with suppliers.

Dependent on success and value driven we will look to extend and look to put into an automated system into F16.

PET Africa Update
High Resolution Print
Thanks to a new printing process Rexam are able to print up to 24 different designs at the same time allowing customers to deliver several designs to the same filling line
This means that the mixed designs can be packed in multipacks, outer cartons or pallets direct from the filling line, allowing highly impactful campaigns to be delivered at POS
Examples of projects Rexam have worked on for other customers:
Thermoformed Pulp
Flourescent Bottles
3D Printing & Additive Manufacture
Project Odex
Digital Printing
3D printing is being utilised where conventional methods can’t be for example of
very bespoke items in medical use or in exploratory areas of printing batteries, or layers of skin/blood vessels, and obviously for prototyping.

Rather than a replacement for existing technologies.

I expect economies of scale and speed won’t allow us to print small or large volume components for a significant period of time, if ever.
Result of Investigations
ISC Technical have invested in a new 3D printer at £45k to be used for prototyping.

Zepf our change parts company have invested in a 3D printer for producing bottles for change part testing.

Key Area for Follow Up

Bottle mould and injection moulds– Is it possible and if so through 3D printing of these can we reduce lead times, and also cycle times through better cooling.

Heavy Polymers
Veuve Clicquot has come up with new innovative eco-friendly packaging to keep the Champagne chilled for up to two hours. Made with potatoes starch and recycled paper, which is likewise 100% biodegradable, new cover is also isothermal, so it’s suitable for easy transport.

We have identified a supplier in Scotland who has invested in the equipment and uses 100% recycled material
Development project to create a full paper bottle

Development project to create a fully moulded secondary pack

Development project to see if there is something ‘clever’ we could do with paper pulp in our logistics/tertiary packaging area

Is e-commerce going to require a single bottle packaging format?

Veuve Clicquot

Premium weight & feel
UV cured metallised coating
Appearance replicates metal
Price typically 50% that of zamac
2-4 times the weight of standard plastic
High volume injection moulding technology
Environmentally friendly alternative to zamac
UV metallising process deposits "real metal" coating
Robust - can be conveyed through standard bottling line
Other decorative finishes available (e.g. stone effect, painted, hot-foiled)
Simple, compressed supply chain
Glass supplier Stoelzle have been working on producing fluorescent bottles. The image below depicts recent sampling that has been done by Stoelzle:
Flourescent bottle samples have been sent to the technical team to approve this technology,
A UV tube light source is currently required to observe the luminescent effect,
A UV light patch has been recently developed to illuminate the bottle but this has yet to be tested,
There are other suppliers working on similar fluorescence but due to differences in the process it is more costly - however, other colours may be available in addition to blue.

Current Status
Project Barbara
Ghana & Ethiopia Opportunity
Malta Guinness (50cl)
Alvaro (50cl)
Snapp (75cl)
Smirnoff Ice (75cl)
Larger-size Beer (1-1.5L)
Orijin Bitters (20cl)
Brands in Scope:
Malta Guinness,
Malta Guinness Low Sugar,
Value Beer,
Mainstream Spirit
Brands in Scope:
CAPEX Investment to be <£5m
Team to investigate whether the line could be justified on basis of 50cl Malta Guinness alone:
Then the other brands and sizes could be 'tested' rather than having to justify relatively unknown opportunities altogether
Ethiopia PET Opportunity
Ghana PET Opportunity
Current Brands in Scope:
Future Brand Opportunities:
Malta Guinness
Ruut Extra, e.g.
1L & Sharing Size,
Line should be justified on Malta Guinness & Alvaro opportunities alone
March 2014: Diet Coca-Cola Israel asked HP to create a revolutionary experience
July 2014: Campaign launched in Israel
HP Indigo Technology
A proprietary HP solution that automatically generates an unlimited number of versions from a fixed number of base patterns

In this campaign's case 23 patterns designed in the studio generated over 2 million designs!
950k 1.5L Bottle Labels
500k 0.5L Bottle Labels
400k 0.3L Bottle Shrink Sleeves
1000 Billboards Across the Country
Social Media
Mini Site
TV Ad:
Store Promotions
Innovation Council

Joint Development

Joint Development
Consumer Interaction
Super Premium
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